2011 Favourites (Nivea, Lip Smackers, Natural Collection, Aussie, Carex, Brandon Sanderson)


2011 is almost over and I thought now would be a good time to share some of my favourite products that I’ve purchased this year.
I have to say this year, I’ve indulged in buying myself things more than previous years, as well as going out more. I’m not a shopaholic (that would be Maaike’s job), but I’ve definitely enjoyed spending some money on myself.

Nivea Visage Tinted Moisturising Day Cream NaturalThe first thing that comes to mind is the Nivea Visage Tinted Moisturising Day Cream, which you may remember I talked about in recommend products post a while back.
Well I have completely switched to this now and I’ve just repurchased because the tube I have seems to be getting low now. Which I have to say, even though it’s more (50ml compared to 25ml) compared to the tinted moisturiser I used before this, it hasn’t lasted as long – but I think that is partly because I use this a whole lot more, because I really like it.
I’m a bit prone to dry skin and this does a great job of moisturising, as well as cover up. The day cream ingredients have really helped my skin also.
I love the light feel to it and with the light reflecting pigments in it, I have a really nice healthy glow without looking oily.
This does only come in one shade, but I find it adapts to my skin tone very well and I think as long as your not incredibly fair or dark skinned this should suit you.

Next is Boots Natural Collection Cover Up Stick which is the best concealer I’ve found for myself so far. It’s in a stick form which I’ve used before and they did not work for me, they were just very hard and flakey, but this is a very creamy consistency which doesn’t flake and it’s really easy to blend either with a brush or your fingers. It’s right between a hard stick concealer and a liquid concealer, which makes for great coverage as I find that liquid concealer is just too thin for me.
It blends really well with foundation and at £1.99, it’s not expensive at all.
I realise that boots isn’t a store that is in many countries, but you can probably find these on ebay or something. If I ever find a good match for this, that is available in more countries, I’ll let you guys know. However if you can get this, get it, try it out. Especially if you’ve been struggling finding a coverup with a good consistency.

Can’t believe I haven’t mentioned this before now, but I absolutely love 3 Minute Miracle Reconstructor Deep Conditioner by Aussie.
It’s a deep conditioner, very thick in consistency that you use after washing your hair. I use the one for damaged hair – my hair isn’t super damaged, but this keeps it really healthy.
It’s really easy to use as it’s all in the name. Wash your hair (and condition with normal conditioner if you want to), then put this onto your wet hair, work it in a bit and leave it for that’s right – 3 minutes. Rinse your hair.
What I love about this, is even on rinsing it out of your hair you can already feel how much softer your hair is and how much more healthy it feels.
I use this one a week or once a fortnight, and always if I’m going somewhere special. It really does help.

Hand Sanitiser is something that really came around because of the ease which some illnesses can spread. For me however, I’ve discovered that I much rather use this than wash my hands and dry them in a grubby public toilet – plus it’s great when I go out walking, when I’m picking up leaves, creatures and what not in soil and mud but I have a packed lunch to eat. It’s also great for gigs/concerts when the queue for the ladies bathroom is long enough nevermind queuing to use a sink and dry your hands as well.
My weapon of choice is Carex Moisture Plus Hand Gel, because all that alcohol in most hand sanitisers dries out skin horribly. This however doesn’t, it also doesn’t have that strong smell that some of them have either.
It comes in 50ml bottles, so easy to carry around – and without that strong smell of alcohol, you won’t be making any food you eat with your fingers taste awful either.
The bottle claims more than 100 applications out of the small bottle and although I can’t say I’ve actually counted, I can say I’ve had mine for quite a while and it’s still going.

I’ve raved about Brandon Sanderson a few times this year, so unless you are new to my blog you will know that when I read The Final Empire (the first book in the Mistborn series) I was completely enthralled by it.
I don’t often add authors to my “favourite authors list” because I feel to really be a favourite author you really have to capture my imagination, really make me want to read on and make me want to pick up the book night after night. Although there are many good books out there, there are few that really captivate me. This did, big time.
I have the others in this series and I will be reading those too in 2012, but rather than once again just rave about The Final Empire, I’m going to say that Brandson Sanderson is a big favourite of 2011 because I cannot wait to start the next book in the series and to venture into his other books. He’s definitely an another which I strive to read again and again. I will certainly be gathering a collection of his books new and old for my book shelf (of which I need another because this one is full… oops!).

I brought this on a whim, they used to sell Lip Smackers at Superdrug when I was a teenager (how old do I sound?) and they taste awesome. Unfortunately they stopped selling them and until I found that Primark were selling the Lip Smackers Soda/Pop range, I hadn’t been able to find Lip Smackers anywhere.
I picked up a Lip Smackers Lip Balm in Cherry Coke a Cola flavour, because I love cherry coke.
As I expected once applied I couldn’t stop licking my lips! However I must say that it works fantastically as a lip balm as well – better than some lip balms that are supposed to do wonders to your lips in fact. This particular flavour is red in colour so adds a tint of colour to your lips as well which I love.
Unfortunately Primark seemed to have only limited stock and alas, no more lip smackers. I’ve searched online and there are limited, very limited stocks available in the UK (and some places are super expensive!). So if anyone finds anywhere that I can get more from, let me know!

So those have been my favourites of 2011, of course I’ve used lots of other products and liked them even but these are what really stand out to me.

What have been the favourite products of 2011 for you?

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