Reflecting on 2011


It’s always good to reflect on your past – not to gain regrets, but to learn lessons or even just to reminisce over good times. I do this every now and again but it’s almost customary to do it at the end of the year. And so I find myself looking back on 2011 and reflecting on all that I’ve experienced.

2011 didn’t start well for me, I was trying my utmost to make a relationship work in which I was cheated on and lied to, not because I’m the lay down and hope it works out in the end kind. But because all relationships have their problems and I had said that I would try to make it work and I meant it. But it sure as hell took it’s toll on me. Enough is enough though and I ended that relationship about half way through the year – which was both empowering and difficult. It really did make me realise that I’m much stronger now than I used to be.

I’ve had two jobs this year also, which although they didn’t work out and I’m still getting over the ridiculous reasons given to me (heck they weren’t even reasons, more excuses) for ending my “trial period”. This is still movement forward, and somewhat (however squashed it feels at the moment) a confidence booster that hey, I am employable for a normal run of the mill 9-5 job.

Let’s not forget I also started my own business this year – which ok for the past 5-6 months I’ve neglected somewhat, but you have to prioritise and although I do regret not putting more work into it, I first and foremost have to attend to a wage paying job (and looking for one), my happiness and the people I love.

2011 also saw the end of Rimmerama, a radio show I’ve been part of for 3-4 years. It was a big part of my life, and it played a big part in me finding some great friends. I think I will always miss it.

I haven’t done as many things as I would have liked in 2011. I’ve seen a few gigs and been to the theatre a few times (oh but I did check Angels and Airwaves off the list to see at least once and also Alan Carr), taken Blade to the beach and other different things. But there was definitely more I wanted to see and do.

Had a very close friend diagnosed with cancer this year too, we’ve been friends for 13 years now and it’s really not something we ever really saw coming our way. But we pull through it together. As much as I’ve put something positive to things above, I really can’t put anything positive about cancer. Cancer sucks. Get your smear test (Cervical screening) done ladies!

Unfortunately, all that being strong meant that I completely crashed a few weeks ago now. Emotional wreck with depression so I definitely need to learn to let some steam off!

Before I actually sat down to write this, I’ve been thinking that 2011 has been a bad, bad year because there have been a fair few bad things happen and it’s been a battle – but sitting down to write this has turned almost all of it positive, not because the things weren’t bad, but because I see such a difference in myself. I see a much stronger me.

The natural thing to do now, is to think about what you want for next year. However I really haven’t gotten that far yet with that, so that will have to wait until another post.

What was 2011 like for you? What are your favourite and least favourite moments?

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