50 Book Challenge – Week 1

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That’s right, it’s January 1st that means for me it’s the start of the first week of the 50 book challenge. I have a few friends who have attempted this before, this year I’m taking on the challenge.

Week 1 is very important, it will set the pace for the rest of the year and as I’ve already planned, I’m taking the pace as one book per week. That gives me two weeks grace should I fall behind.
Part of me isn’t sure I can do this, but if I was so sure I could do it then it wouldn’t be much of a challenge.

Sundays will now be Book Challenge day, this should be where I change to a new book, having finished one. There’ll be details of what I just read and a brief review and a note to tell you what I’m reading next, plus I’ll let you know how I’m doing with the challenge in general.

Some Saturdays, I will have full in depth reviews of the book I just read. I’m not doing to do this for all 50 books because I really don’t think I’ll have time – but definitely look out for some of these. Saturday Morning Cartoons will go out as normal (and will be resuming this Saturday!).

Now that you know what’s will be happening, it’s time to tell you what my first read will be. I can’t deny it, I’m really happy to say I actually know this author, but it really wasn’t until this year that I knew she could write (and damn good at it too). So I’m extra excited for my first read to be her first published book. Sarah Spann has her own blog where you can find out much more about her, her books, her cat lady tenancies and all round individual quirkiness. Definitely go check that out. Me, I’m sinking my teeth into Wildflowers Come Back. And sorry Sarah if your reading this, but no sugar coated review coming your way – you better impress me – or else!

Are you doing the 50 Book Challenge this year? What’s the first book you’ll be reading this year (whether your doing the challenge or not)?

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