30 Day Blog Challenge – Day 4 – My Favourite Movie

Source: weheartit.com

Ah, Hollywood you truly fail me on this question. It is really hard to find a really good movie now – a film with depth, substance and alluring characters. Not to mention all the remakes that are being churned out lately.

I have already raved about Leon before and I have to say that, it’s definitely still up there. If you haven’t seen it, watch it – I demand it of you! But as much as it’s probably my favourite, it seemed repetitive to talk about it again in another post, so I’m going to pick something else for this post.

The Flight of Dragons seems to have been lost in the achieves somewhere, it was released on DVD but only for a very short time. I first saw this when it was aired on Cartoon Network when I was a teenager, I’d missed the first 20 minutes or so but was drawn into the story all the time. Basically, a scientist is brought to the magical world to help save it. Whilst attempted to do that, you see him both being fascinated by what he sees and then explaining the science behind it (mostly to himself).
It’s a children’s animated film so the storyline is quite simple but has plenty of read between the lines for older viewers.
Of course I could have picked something quite well known, but for me this definitely deserves more attention and re-releasing on DVD for that matter. Here’s the trailer:

What’s your favourite movie?

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