2012 – Wish List, Resolutions and Plans

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I have a hard time with new years resolutions, plans and wish lists for the year that’s just started. I feel it’s forced upon me and I’m a person who needs to be inspired – to really feel excited about the revelations, resolutions and redirection.
I was the same at school with English lessons – I love to write (duh) and I can write really well, but I did struggle when I was suddenly expected to write something extraordinary in 30 minutes with no inspiration to grab hold of. Of course sometimes I do have inspiration lingering around, that I can use for such things – but not always and not always the right inspiration.

So, this may or may not be a great post – if it isn’t, don’t worry if you’ve been reading this blog then you’ll know that when I get inspired or have plans – I’ll post about it.

Here’s the (limited) things that are already off the ground:

  • First off, you will already know from the last few days that I’m doing the 50 books challenge this year. So of course, that is planned for all year. I won’t bore you with the details because I already have and will talk about it in other posts.
  • I will be going to see Backstreet Boys on tour this year (with New Kids On The Block), I really wasn’t sure whether to go or not – but a friend of mine wanted to go and I caved and brought tickets. We haven’t been to a show (by that I mean a BSB show) together since 1999 so I’m looking forward to that.

However I want to do much more, some of them are pretty lose plans right but I’m pulling them together as I go along:

  • Really want to be attending many more gigs/concerts this year, but I need to be patient and keep an eye on who is touring and what is feasible.
  • I also want to see some more theatre shows again, I’m not entirely sure which ones yet. However I may have to stretch it to a westend show, we’ll see.
  • Visit an old library, one that still has the old book shelves, furniture and all that jazz.
  • Have a holiday. Didn’t get one last year – no plans as of yet, but we’ll see.

As for resolutions, or goals which in some cases maybe more appropriate – I am totally struggling with this, mostly because this requires motivation which is something that I have been struggling with lately. Motivation on a daily basis, I seem to have back most days now, but a years worth of motivation – that’s a lot to ask of me right now. But here goes:

  • Give some serious thought to what I want to do career wise – well, not just thought but action. After losing my job and been thrown back into the job centre, I have been assigned a new advisor. Who – get this – advises that, although I should look for jobs in general, I should be striving for what I want to do – because I need to be happy, spend my life doing what I love for a job, after all I’ll be working for another 40 years almost.
  • Eat better + exercise more + (or even =) lose weight. After a change of medication to make sure it’s not that, which has made me put some weight on it’s time to put some work into losing some of this weight.

And, well that’s about it. There’s far more planning that needs to be done, but well it can’t be done all at once. Here’s to 2012.

What are you plans, resolutions and wishes for 2012?

4 thoughts on “2012 – Wish List, Resolutions and Plans

  1. Hey did I spot a layout change?! I always struggle with resolutions. To me a resolution is like a promise to yourself and I hate breaking just so I gave up on that. That’s why I set myself goals. That way if it doesn’t work out I can evaluate what happened that didn’t make me reach that goal and try to do something about it.

    1. Yup, change of layout. Needed something brighter.

      Yeah it’s the same for me, also in some cases – there is a lot that can effect that resolution because a year is such a long time.
      Yes I have longterm goals but I think you have to make short term plans and steps to get there.

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