50 Book Challenge – Week 2

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I’m ahead of schedule! I didn’t think I would be but I am. I finished my first book of the challenge – Wildflowers Come Back by Sarah Spann on Thursday (I think?), very please with this progress. Unfortunately I haven’t had the head space to write a review for this yet – but it’s coming very soon (like next few days), the reason is that it’s just been a really busy week for appointments for me and Thursday I actually had my wisdom tooth removed (yes, will also update on that too!) so with anaesthetic in my system I’ve not been feeling all that on top of things.

I’m loving both Kindle for PC and Goodreads (you can add me on goodreads if you wish) as both allow me to see what percentage of the book I have read (on goodreads you need to enter which page your up to though) and this for me is a really encouraging and useful tool. I know if I need to pick up some slack or if I’m going at a good pace. At the moment I’m setting myself at about 20% a day, meaning I do actually have two days off reading if I do keep this pace.
I definitely recommend that you try this out – it’s really helped me to set and keep my reading pace.

So today is the day I should be on a new book but I’m already on a new book (told you I was a head of schedule), I’m now reading Malice by Chris Wooding. I’m 38% through the book already – but I’m not too sure about it, I’m enjoying it and heck I kept dreaming about it last night but I’m not sure it’s caught my attention in a major way just yet.

So, if your doing the challenge (be it 50, 40, 30 books whatever you set yourself) – What’s your first book? How was it? Would you recommend it?

And if your not taking part in the challenge – What are you reading right now? What’s it about? Would you recommend it?

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