Review: Wildflowers Come Back by Sarah Spann

The real problem with being a writer (which I am) is you then seem to gather friends who are writers too. This is great sometimes – bouncing ideas of each other and encouraging each other but other times – friends ask your proof read and give feedback – that isn’t always so great, because lets face it – just because someone does write doesn’t mean they do it well. Unfortunately for some of them, I do refuse to lie to them – so I will point out the (sometimes many) bad points.

I’ve known Sarah for 9-10 years now (with a few years between where she’s fallen off the face of the earth – not literally of course) – she’s always been rather driven and will go and do what she wants in life (read mini bio in the book for more info) but up until sometime last year I had no idea of her desire to write or that she had a book already published. So starting the 50 Book Challenge this year – I figured what better book to start with. On with the review!

Wildflowers Come Back by Sarah Spann
Wildflowers Come Back by Sarah Spann

Lyss Brewer starts off the new year a mess – no job, no boyfriend, no place to live, no money and of all places in a motel room.
However her luck quickly changes when she’s offered a job at a local inn, not to mention it’s a live in position which solves all manner of the aforementioned problems for Lyss. She makes friends fast with most of the staff, they soon become like a family to her and finally everything is going right again.
Soon though the walls of the old inn start to speak to Lyss, as the fear of a serial killer on the loose in Santa Fe spreads throughout the town. Lyss wrestles with her own sanity not knowing if she’s going stark raving mad or if she really is seeing ghosts.
Ultimately Lyss needs to decide who to trust – herself, the voices or the real people in her life.

At first I thought Wildflowers Come Back by Sarah Spann was going to be a book that was slow to start – boy was I wrong, you’ll get hit with the main plot before you even realise it. It definitely won’t take you long to be hooked on the storyline and if I hadn’t had things to do in the day, I would have been up all night finishing this book.
I wasn’t too sure what to expect from this book – I was worried that the romance in it would over shadow the deeper goings on in the inn at one point but it never did, it just strengthened the story.

Each of the main characters are all very loveable in their own way, and there’s definitely a bit of slight angsty, sweet, vulnerable but strong Lyss in everyone. There are some very strong characters in the inn, that Spann brings to life beautifully.
The inn is described in all it’s decorative detail – I was walking the halls with Lyss and could picture everything. And the smells from the kitchen – so deliciously described you’ll be able to smell them yourself (thinking about it you might want to have a snack near by).

The history of the inn is mapped out very carefully and revealed to the reader all in good time. It’s mystery is bigger than you can imagine and I was constantly surprised by things that happened, things that were uncovered and all the new questions that you get with each new discovery.

The end is very open ended, as there will be a sequel which infuriated me (in a good way). I had more questions than when I started reading the book and I can’t wait for the sequel – I’ll definitely be reading that.

Wildflowers Come Back is available on Kindle* (currently 77p/99c), Nook (currently 99c) and createspace.

Sarah Spann can be found on her site and blog. Also on facebook and on Twitter.

*You can get a FREE Kindle app from Amazon if you don’t have an ereader.

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