50 Book Challenge – Week 3

Big hello if your taking this challenge. If your doing 50, you should be about to start your 3rd book to stay on schedule. Me? I’ve already started my 4th – so I’m on a roll at the moment!

I completed Malice by Chris Wooding Friday night (which I am going to review) much to my dismay however the story continues – literally it’s the middle of the good part – in Havoc: There’s no Going Back by Chris Wooding. This is very frustrating, it’s like even like – what’s next for these characters and this world. It’s more like – where the hell is the next chapter?! It’s really mid-flow of the story. Enjoy Malice though – more than I thought I would so will be purchasing Havoc sometime in the near future. Look out for my review of Malice soon.

Garfield, Does Pooky Need You? (Garfield Pocket Books) by Jim Davis

So Friday, I was wondering what book to read next – I picked Garfield, Does Pooky Need You? (Garfield Pocket Books) by Jim Davis off my book shelf. It’s a lot of sort comic strips basically, but I thought it would at least last me two days. It didn’t I’d read it in 40 minutes. It’s a good little read though, the usual Garfield punchlines, laziness and sarcasm. I enjoyed it, even though it didn’t take me long to read it. So that was book 3 done super fast.

And so I found myself again standing in front of my bookcase, looking through looks – deciding what book 4 would be. Found myself drawn to autobiographies – of which I don’t own many. I only buy autobiographies of people I find interesting – interesting enough to read about their life and entertaining enough to know they aren’t going to bore me to death in the process. I picked up Look who it is!: My Story by Alan Carr which I’ve had for a while now – I had started reading it (maybe 20 pages) before but things happened in life and I put it down. Hadn’t a clue what I already read, couldn’t remember a thing. So I’ve started again from the beginning. I’m currently about 12% through the book – so I’m not really far enough to give any opinion on it just yet – but I am enjoying what I’m reading.

So that’s where I’m at in the challenge this week. I’m ahead of schedule which is great because I know there will be times when I will slack off. I just hope I can keep good time still.

How are you doing with your challenge?
What book are you reading right now? 

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