January Sales Haul

I went shopping a short while ago but I confess, I was being lazy about taking photos of what I brought but hey it’s here right? That’s what matters.

Dress from Everythings5Pounds.com

Yes, your on the right blog – I brought myself a dress. This was £5 from everythings5pounds.com – this wasn’t on sale but £5 is great for a dress anyway.

I’m don’t have much confidence to wear dresses in the first place (working on it!) but I also have problems finding a dress I like and then finding a dress that fits.
Seriously – I’m not big/fat, I’m a size 10 or 12 normally and in some stores I’m trying dresses on that are size 14 and 16 and still don’t fit. Yes I have curves, I have fairly big “womanly assets” but it just seems that stores are now catering for the seriously underweight – women with no ass and no boobs – a twig in a training bra and heels. So it’s a big effort for me to find something.
I spotted this a few weeks back – wasn’t sure, but kept looking at it. When Christmas was over and I has some money I decided why not – I can send it back and it’s only £5 anyway – which isn’t a lot considering what I’m buying.
Tried it on and it looks great – don’t know if you can see but it does have an under dress in a grey/silver colour so you can’t see through it. It doesn’t feel cheap at all and the strap detail is really nice.
I’m really glad I brought it, but now I need the confidence to wear it, somewhere to wear it too and … well maybe a nice gentleman to take me to said place. But perhaps the latter is setting the target a bit too high.

Boots from Everythings5Pounds.com

I also got these boots with my order from everythings5pounds.com they’re a brown suede pull on knee high type and they’re super comfy.
They have a fluffy inside to them so they are warm for you legs as well.
The description on the site says they have a silver line on them, where the zip normally is on boots – but to be honest you can hardly tell it’s there – let alone that it’s silver. Which is fine by me as this is what I wanted.
Again these were £5, which for boots is a bargain and once again they don’t feel cheap at all.

This is all I got from everythings5pounds you do have to pay for delivery but they do send it tracked by royal mail so paying the postage is worth it.
And yes, before anyone asks EVERYTHING is £5 on the site – shoes, boots, heels, tops, jeans, trousers, dresses, pjs, bags, purses, jewelry… everything.

I don’t always find things I like on there, and sometimes things do get snapped up really quickly but it’s definitely worth it if you do find something you like because these two items, even if they were on sale in the high street would have cost me at least £20.

ELF 100 Palette
100 Palette from ELF

I’ve been wanting to buy some ELF products for a while now, but wasn’t sure what I wanted – their single eyeshadows failed to excite me because I have most of those colours anyway – but there has been a trend in me buying eyeshadows (the pretty colours draw me in!).
And so, browsing through ELF’s website – I discovered their 100 eyeshadows palette – which is on sale for £7.50. Sold!
This comes with a bunch of colours – I’ve swatched like 95% of them and I’m so excited to pick what I’m going to do for my eye colour next.
This is cheaper than the ebay ones, but you still get 100 shadows and the palette is smaller since the shadows are square so I’m very pleased about that (holding big palette = not easy!).
The box itself could be a little bit sturdier but I’m not complaining – it hasn’t broke or anything like that. Definitely recommend this one. It’s awesome.

Lip Smackers, Collection 2000, Benefit
Lip Smackers, Collection 2000, Benefit

Yes, I found some Lip Smackers on ebay – there aren’t a lot of them – but I got this iced watermelon one – which is similar to the watermelon flavour one I had when I was a teenager. I just brought the one because I wasn’t too sure how much these lip glosses had changed since then (it was over 10 years ago – eek!). It’s still awesome – I know Lip Smackers are aimed at children/tweens but seriously they taste so good and they are great to your lips.
In the middle we have Metallic Cream from Collection 2000 in Rock N’ Rose. I went to 2 or 3 different stores to try and get this before Christmas but they’d all sold out, I finally got it after Christmas.
Metallic Cream is a new range for Collection 2000 and I fell in love with this colour. It goes on great. It’s a bit more of a non-drip liquid than a cream and so it “dries/sets” on your eyelid. Sure if you touch it, a little bit of the sheen will show on your fingers but the colour stays – sort of like a paint. But don’t worry it washes off easy with water.
I also wanted to try High Beam by Benefit for a while but I’ve heard mixed reviews – so I found this little sampler bottle on ebay for one pound something so I can try it out. So far so good, but I’ve not actually worn it out anywhere yet.
I should say I also brought an All Over Colour stick from ELF in Lilac Petal as well but you can see a picture of that here – still experimenting with that – I’m not keen on it as a lip colour though!

Books from The Works
Books from The Works

The Works is a discount book store here in the UK – they don’t always have great books – but I always dig around. This time I came out with these:

Top Left – It’s Me Or The Dog: Fat Dog Slim by Victoria Stilwell. I enjoyed this TV series and Victoria is a realistic dog trainer. This book basically has lots of tips for keeping your dog healthy and happy. I don’t really buy many dog books, even though I love dogs – I just think so many people over complicate having a dog as a pet but this one I like. (Cost 99pence)

Top Right – We Brought A Zoo by Benjamin Mee. I was eyeing this up on Amazon but saw it for waaay cheap in The Works so snapped it up. It’s a true story – written by a guy who was house hunting with his wife and they brought a zoo. And so all the tails of getting the zoo back up to scratch and escaped animals, as well as family life. Sigh… I’d love to own a zoo. So I’m going to live through this book for a week soon! (Cost 49pence)

Bottom Left  – Moab Is My Washpot by Stephen Fry. My first Stephen Fry book! Definitely looking forward to reading that! (Cost £2.99)

Botton Right – Renegade’s Magic by Robin Hobb. Yes I’m aware this is book three in a series – but it was 99pence and it’s hardback. So once I get the first two it’s worth it no?

And that’s it. I did get some pjs (one pair for £2, the other £5) but I’m wearing one set and the other set is in the wash and a new bra (which you don’t really want to see anyway) for £8.

What’s your favourite thing that I brought? What was the last thing you brought?

2 thoughts on “January Sales Haul

  1. oooh you got MOAB!! It’s a great read! And the dress looks cute! Loving the details on the straps! And those boots! At only 5 pounds I’d most likely go crazy on that website! hahah

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