50 Book Challenge – Week 4

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Gruelling week. Apologies – no Saturday Morning Cartoon – no time!
I’ve had a horrible week or sleep – for some reason, I’ve not been able to sleep until 3am at the earliest this week – leaving me tired for most of the day or asleep until lunch time.
Did I mention I’ve been doing my tax return for the first time? Not a complete nightmare I’ll admit, but the day the government makes their online forms – user friendly, jargon free and in some sort of sensible order – I will throw a party. Friday I was oh so glad to have that done with.

Needless so say – reading this week has been a slog. Yes I’ve been awake late – but I’ve been too tired to read (just unable to fall asleep). It has seemed like I’ve made very little progress every time I picked up my book to read but in the end, it seems it’s all been physiological because last night, I finished Look who it is!: My Story by Alan Carr. It was a complete godsend this week – giving me a good laugh to ease the stress and even – dare I even say it – inspired me but we’ll talk more about that in another blog post I think. Review coming up sometime this week.

This post marks the beginning of week 4 which means one should be starting their forth book today or in the next few days to stay on schedule for reading 50 books this year. I’m thrilled to say that I’m about to start my 5th book so I’m still ahead of schedule – even though I’ve had a stressful and tired week.
However, I haven’t quite decided what I want to read yet so check my twitter (and follow me!) to find out what my 5th book will be. It’s a toss up between the second in the Mistborn series, a Robert Rankin or a classic.

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