Wisdom Tooth Has Been Removed

Technically it was removed a few weeks ago but I’ve been getting so stuck into the book challenge, doing my tax return, looking for jobs that once it has been removed – it really didn’t cross my mind again – but I do get a lot of searches coming to my blog about the actual removal – so here’s the update.

Tooth not Virginity
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I was not, I repeat not looking forward to going to the dentist to have my wisdom tooth out. I hadn’t had any work done at the dentist since I was a teenager (I’m 26 now, if your wondering) – I had never been afraid of the dentist at all – not that I look forward to going, but I wasn’t afraid. But alas – my body had started to over react to pain (I will tell you more about this one day I promise!) so after a visit to the dentist for a filling, I got dizzy, high temperature and all (it’s not dangerous – just not very nice). Because I didn’t know what was happening to me back then, I just never went to the dentist again. So that’s your little insight to how I became nervous/terrified to go to the dentist.

First of all – my wisdom tooth was broken and infected. The gums were inflamed and sore around it. The infection was causing a lot of pain. but I’m so glad I went to a dentist that understood that anaesthetic doesn’t work effectively when there is infection present. You can imagine the pain of infection, anaesthetic not working 100% and your tooth being pulled out? No thank you!
When I went for a check up after my first course of anti-biotics to clear up the infection, I knew it hadn’t gone – I was still in pain. However I saw a different dentist (emergency dentist) and I did not like her one bit – she was very blunt and wanted to pull my tooth. I insisted it wasn’t done today and that I wanted the infection done first. So that’s what happened.

I returned infection free to another dentist – a really nice dentist. Who despite be trying to cover it up – could tell I was nervous as hell – especially about the pain.
I cannot tell you what I difference it makes to have a good dentist. This woman was amazing with me. She told me to tell her if I wanted her to stop at any time or if I felt any pain (of which at first I thought – she’ll probably just carry on anyway).
After a quick x-ray to determine the position my wisdom tooth was in my gum. She injected my gums with anaesthetic, as we waited for it to take affect we chatted (as much as I could with my mouth going number by the second) and then she started working to get my wisdom tooth out.
She specifically asked if I could feel any pain – and I did – not a lot you understand but I could feel it. I told her so, she stopped and gave me some more anaesthetic- after which I couldn’t feel anything. Just hear the crunching inside my mouth – not a nice thing to hear but still. Took a few minutes to get it out but even as she pulled it out I didn’t feel anything.
After that it was biting down hard on some bandage until the bleeding stopped and it was over.

I was given some more bandage to bite on in case it started bleeding once I was home – but it never did. Got all the after care advise – no hot drinks, don’t poke the hole with your tongue and all that.
As the anaesthetic wore off my mouth started to hurt a little – but I took some paracetamol and it was fine. I only needed one dose. I had no pain after that and my gum healed just fine (hence it was easy to forget about it).
Felt a bit off due to the anaesthetic in my system but it can’t be helped. I just slept it off.

So if you are worried, talk to the dentist before the procedure – a nice trusted dentist goes a long way. And as long as they give you the correct dose of anaesthetic – topping it up if you can feel any pain – you’ll be fine and won’t feel it. I know it’s scary, but just work up some courage to get yourself to the dentist – I was petrified – sweating (dentist opened the window because she noticed), shakey hands and if I hadn’t been distracted by trying to find a way into the building (road was closed) and thus was called in straight away, I would have driven myself mad waiting. So yes, I know how you feel. Now book that dentist appointment!

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