50 Book Challenge – Week 5

Week 5 and we should be starting our 5th book. I started mine last week since I was ahead of schedule and if you remember I couldn’t decide what to read. If you follow me on twitter you will probably already know that I decided on The Well of Ascension: Mistborn Book Two by Brandon Sanderson. If you haven’t done so yet read The Final Empire: Mistborn Book One by Brandon Sanderson – because it’s awesome – I’ve said so before.

You’re probably thinking – if the first book was so good, why has it taken you so long to start the second one right? Well, I’m going to be completely honest here – I was a little afraid. Without giving too much away about The Final Empire – the end of the book answers a lot of questions, ties up all the strings and within the storyline the characters have fulfilled their roles. We also lost a few characters on the way. And I enjoyed the first book that much that I wondered what in the world Sanderson would do now that the main storyline was done with – but I really didn’t want to be disappointed and didn’t want the characters to change from the image I had from the first book. Yes, I cherished it all.

I Like Big Books
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Alas, I have started it and I’m guessing (because I’ve read some since I last calculated the percentage on goodreads) I’m around 35-30% complete with The Well of Ascension. So far I’m not disappointed at all – believe me, there is plenty going on which all ties in with The Final Empire, the characters are as likeable as ever and I’m wanting to know what happens next on every page.
This however is a long book – almost 800 pages, so whilst I’m ahead this is taking far more time to read – I need to finish this book Saturday to stay on schedule. I’m not sure I’ll make that but I’m hoping I won’t get too far behind and read some average sized books after this one before I read another long one.

This also marks the last week in January which means if you started January 1st with the book challenge like I did – we’re a month in. If you’ve lasted this long and your on schedule (or even ahead) – well done! Commitment is key and although this is only a small fraction of the year long challenge – getting off to a good start is very important.
If however you are struggling a bit – please keep going. If you are a little behind, there is time to catch up. Perhaps read the advice and tips I posted before I started this challenge – I’m sure you’ll find something useful there.

Are you planning on reading any big books (over 500 pages) this year (whether your doing the challenge or not)?

8 thoughts on “50 Book Challenge – Week 5

  1. I also challenged myself to read 50 books this year, but I’m really behind already! I’m on my second this year, A Tale of Two Cities, a bit less than 400 pages. I have been lacking the time to read more often, but this will soon change 🙂 I expect to catch up on my reading in February!

  2. I don’t have any set number of books to read this year, I’m just going to read them as they come (although I am up to 8 books so far this year). As for reading long books, I’m definitely going to later this year. I’m a big fan of The Wheel of Time series by Robert Jordan (which is being finished by Brandon Sanderson since Jordan passed away a few years ago) and the last book is due out later this year. Before I get to the last book I’m going to be re-reading the series, which should take a while since the books average about 800 pages.

    As for the Mistborn series, I agree with you that the first book has a really good ending, but I would definitely say to keep reading. When I tell people about the Mistborn trilogy I always say the same thing, the ending of the trilogy is the greatest ending that I’ve ever seen in any book/movie/video game or whatever. When I first read The Hero of Ages I read the last 300 or so pages in one sitting (it kept me up way past my bedtime =P) and then I immediately went back and re-read the last 5 or 6 chapters.

    1. I’m definitely curious about The Wheel of Time series so that’s in my TBR pile, though I will probably just get the first book to start with to see if I like it.

      I think I’m in love with the Mistborn series – if I can within my 50 books this year I want to read the rest of the books. I’m very tempted to try another Sanderson book as well this year but I think I want to get through Mistborn first.
      A lot of people have said they’ve reread the books straight away again – I don’t blame them!

      1. None of Sanderson’s books are short, but they’re all very good. Elantris and Warbreaker are stand-alone books, so those two might be a little easier to fit in rather than a series of 3 700 page books.

  3. I read plenty of big books. I just read things as they come along I don’t care how big they are. As long as it’s good read I’m game. Still no time for that challenge. I am still considering starting in July/ August once my course work is over.

    1. I normally wouldn’t be bothered but I am on a schedule here, so I have to keep in mind how much time I have to read in that week.
      I think you’ll enjoy the challenge, I know I am – it’s helping me get back some focus.

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