Saturday Morning Cartoons: Week 13

After last weeks Saturday morning cartoon, I’ve been watching He-Man all week on youtube, and this reminded me – when I was younger there was a lot of cartoons out there that had a moral to the story – and a “life lesson” at the end. And lets not forget the environmental ones (ugh, are the still planning on making Captain Planet into a movie?).
I was following this train of thought when I remembered another favourite of mine – Defenders of the Earth. Ironically – the series takes place in the year 2015 – now wouldn’t that be something to see? Not that I want Ming the Merciless to be around – but the hey the defenders are welcome. Plus I like the idea of having some heroes around rather then listening to mallow dramatic doom sayers about the end of the world.

Nevertheless – here’s an episode for you all:

Part 1:


Part 2:


Part 3:


Who was your favourite member of Defenders of the Earth?

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