Book Review: Look who it is!: My Story by Alan Carr

Ugh, I know I’m like 2 weeks late with this review but alas this book gave me some things to think about – which is for another post but finally here is the review!

Look Who It Is: My Story by Alan Carr

I do love Alan Carr but I wasn’t sure I could see him as an author, even of his own autobiography. I picked up Look who it is!: My Story by Alan Carr as I do all autobiographies because I like the person or they interest me.

The book follows Alan’s life as an awkward child to just when his comedy career is really taking off. Of which he is very honest about – which I love.
He shares his school days with a distinctive comic loathing, doesn’t try to hide the fact at all that he was lazy at university even by student standards and the following 9-5 jobs that almost (literally in some cases) drove him insane. Not to mention those eccentric house mates along the way.

What I loved the most was seeing the extremes of Alan – from extremely nervous to travelling the world for a year. Seeing him see himself just as he had done before, even when success hit And even when things didn’t go so well – he still writes with such humour and wit about it.

The book is really well written and I found it surprisingly inspiring – which is why I would recommend it to anyone, not just Alan Carr fans – you might not appreciate the humour, but I think you’ll find some inspiration – it’s not exactly a rags to riches story, but even if you get knocked down – you gotta get back up.

I loved reading this comic wit dashed account of this portion of his life and rather hope he’ll write another book in the future – but that remains to be seen.


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