Book Review: The Well of Ascension: Mistborn Book Two by Brandon Sanderson

After reading The Final Empire (and loving it) I was torn between really wanting to get stuck into The Well of Ascension and being a little anxious that Sanderson wouldn’t be able to top The Final Empire, that the characters I so loved would fade and I would be left disappointed.

The Well of Ascension by Brandon Sanderson
The Well of Ascension by Brandon Sanderson

If you haven’t yet read the first book – then you need to – most of the story won’t make sense if you don’t. A lot of things are re-explained but only briefly and I don’t think you’ll get the full benefit from this book, if you don’t know all the history from The Final Empire.

The Well of Ascension starts roughly a year after the fall of The Final Empire.  Elend Venture is king , Vin his girlfriend and the crew are around to advise and help run the central Dominance. Elend is making a fair leader – breaking the shackles of the Lord Ruler.
But with armies gathering against them and Vin becoming the focus of a new religion born from Kelsier’s fame – the pressure is well and truly on. More worryingly ever since the Lord Ruler’s death the mists have become unpredictable and a mist like entity is stalking Vin.
Is the fabled Well of Ascension the only hope for Luthadel – if it even exists?

From the very first page I was immediately pulled back into the world of allomancy and into all the company of my favourite characters.
The characters are still very strong in personality, very loveable and extremely easy to find yourself attached to. Each one has a slightly different role now that they’re running a kingdom and you see them in a more relaxed disposition at times. It was interesting to see how they all reacted to a much different kind of pressure – and being on the receiving end of a rebellion.

The Mistborn fights are incredibly detailed in description – intense, fast and powerful. They are amount the best written fight scenes I have read – as well as the army battles.

What Sanderson is fantastic at is having a storyline dripping in clues – and keeping the reader guessing, not revealing the mystery until the end. This book is no exception and you’ll wonder how on earth you didn’t figure it out already when you reach the end.

The ending however will not answer the vast majority of your questions, it is not wrapped up neatly and presented to you. There are many things from earlier in the book and new developments that are still shrouded in mystery. Getting your feet wet for the third book.

I wasn’t at all disappointed with this book – my fears were all unfounded (thankfully!). I couldn’t wait to get to reading this book night after night. I was actually a little sad that I finished the book to be honest, I’d grown so accustomed to being in the Mistborn world.

I highly recommend this book, I cannot wait to start the The Hero of Ages.

2 thoughts on “Book Review: The Well of Ascension: Mistborn Book Two by Brandon Sanderson

  1. As much as I loved the first two Mistborn novels, The Hero of Ages absolutely blew them both away. I’ve said this on my blog, as well as in the comments on a lot of posts where people talk about the Mistborn series. The ending of the trilogy is by far the greatest ending that I have ever seen in any book/movie/video game/whatever. There’s almost no way that you can ever see it coming from reading the books, but at the same time it’s perfectly backed up by everything in the books and it was brilliant.

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