Saturday Morning Cartoons: Week 14

Eyes of a Hawk. Ears of a Wolf.

Can anyone guess which 80’s show is this week’s Saturday Morning Cartoon?

We’re on yet another cartoon that had a moral lesson at the end. Bravestarr brought Cowboys and Indians into the sci-fi realm for the age old battle between good and evil. The lessons we’re liken to that of He-Man, one even delves into the morals surrounding drugs – it’s a bit intense that episode – the boy actually dies from an overdose. It’s one of the most iconic episodes – so I thought I’d feature that one (because lets face it – now I’ve told you about it, you’re doing to go looking for it anyway).

Part 1:


Part 2:


Part 3:


What do you think about moral lessons in cartoons? Do you think this drug related episode is a bit much or do kids need to know?

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