Whirlwind Week (Lack of Posts)

I was not expecting my week to be so busy – hence; I lined no posts up – and so no posts this week, however it has been a good week, so you forgive me right?

I don’t even remember which post I mentioned this in (oh wait, it was this one) but last weekend I had my friend Gosia come to stay – we haven’t seen each other in about a year, and although we speak via text, facebook and on the phone – it’s about time we had a proper catch up. We had arranged things before but things always come up that we couldn’t meet – illness, money, etc.

So Friday afternoon I was off to the train station to meet her off the train – thankfully most of the snow had cleared, and there were not train delays so journeys were just fine. Back home with Gosia’s large amount of luggage for one weekend – we finally got to relax and have a drink. Too tired to go out – or cook for that matter we order some very healthy kebab’s (and chips) for tea/dinner Friday evening and soon retired to bed.

Saturday however was much more eventful – we slept in a little late. Had breakfast and got into doing our nails – well Gosia doing our nails to be more precise.
She’s recently got into nail art, acrylic nails and generally everything that goes with it (hence large amount of luggage as she brought a lot of this stuff with her). So she’d said she would do my nails for me.
I told her she could do whatever she wanted, use whatever colours, do whatever design she wanted. With our nail polish collections combined she had a lot of choice – but after some test runs, this is what she came up with and I love it:

Nails by Gosia
Nails by Gosia

I would have loved to show you what Gosia did on her own nails – but she’s a total perfectionist on her nails, so spending an hour getting them right (including filing them because she had acrylics on) – she took to the nail polish remover and removed it all. Whilst I looked on shaking my head.

Once nails were dry, we headed out – first to take my dog for a walk – and then to go bowling. Yes I went bowling in these nails but don’t worry, they survived just fine.

As it turned out, Gosia and I are quite evenly matched when it comes to bowling and all 3 games we played our scores were pretty close. Of course, we played with the bumpers up – so no gutter balls! I dread to think how bad I would be with  no bumpers. We both bowled a few strikes (sheer luck but we’re still proud of them!) but in the end, Gosia had won 2 out of the 3 games. Dammit. Yes I’m competitive.
After that we had a quick game of Mario Kart in the arcade – again we were both ahead of the CPUs, but  we were switching 2nd and 1st place with each other all the time. Gosia beat me by milliseconds. Definitely must have a rematch!
Alas no photos of this because the camera on my phone refused to work – I eventually restarted it – so it’s not broken thankfully!

After all that fun, we headed towards Frankie and Bennys for some food – not forgetting to stop off at Toys ‘R’ Us to play with the toys.
Unfortunately Frankie and Bennys was really busy but we decided to wait for a table (40 minute wait!) – sat, drank, chatted.
Finally we had a table – we’d already decided what to have so we ordered straight away.

Frankie and Benny's Meal
Frankie and Benny's Meal - Background: Gosia's Beer Battered Fish and Chips. Foreground: My Chicken Carbonara.

Dessert was the nicer part of the meal though, I always seem to think that of Frankie and Bennys – They do really nice desserts but their main meals I just don’t find all that exciting. Anyone else feel this way?

Anyway, by time we finished eating it was after 10pm so we headed home for some much needed sleep (we like our sleep). Another lie in on Sunday, and  then Sunday lunch with my family before we were back at the train station saying goodbye. Always feels weird when people go home, but oh well – perhaps we’ll see each other again soon.

Alas, Sunday night – I did not sleep. Nor did I Monday night. So during the day, I felt much like a zombified (small) bear with a sore head (no drinking involved) – so I didn’t do very much at all.

Source - weheartit.com

As we all know – Tuesday 14th of February – Valentines Day. There’s no real avoiding it – whether your in a relationship or not.
But what I never get it single people who hate it – don’t get me wrong, it’s nice to have someone and all that jazz but lets face it, everyone at some point in their life is single on Valentines Day – people get a grip! *Rant Over*

Don’t get all excited, I didn’t really do anything – nothing lovey-dovey, romantic. But I did go out for some food with my friend Gemma. We went to our favourite restaurant Moguls – had awesome food as always from there and at the end of the meal – we were given a single rose each. Which before we saw that all the other females had been given a rose too – we rather wondered whether the staff had just taken pity on us, as we were without dates.

And so I need to catch up on my sleep – very badly, which I did manage to do in great comfort (don’t you just love being really comfy and falling asleep?) the past couple of days. Emerging from it a very happy bunny.

So forgive my lack of posts, I know you will. Saturday Morning Cartoons and Book Challenge Weekly Update as normal this weekend.

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