50 Book Challenge – Week 8

One day late on this post, but better late than never. I’m still playing catch up a little bit on some things – it’s mostly the lack of sleep that knocked me right off – but not to worry, I am still on schedule and about to start my 8th book.

I did get through The Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde by Robert Louis Stevenson – which I hadn’t read before, it’s a fairly short book but it took me just a little longer than I thought due to the archaic language – of which it’s not necessarily the words used, but the order of the words and the way the sentences are written but it was an enjoyable read and I’ll be reviewing that this week.

My Signed Copy of "Blue Magic" by Hazel Townson
My Signed Copy of "Blue Magic" by Hazel Townson

With so little sleep and being so busy, I decided to read a children’s book – and the first that came to mind was one of Roald Dahl‘s books but then I came across a book that I loved when I was in primary school – Blue Magic (Red Fox read alone books) by Hazel Townson. I remember I had to choose one of her books – but I can’t for the life of me remember whether or not it was free as some sort of reward or not. Anyway, she came to the school to sign books – so my copy of this book is signed (see left). Unfortunately upon looking up Hazel Townson, I’ve discovered she died back in 2010 but then she was 82, so quite an age. She was a lovely lady when I met her.

This book, I honestly probably won’t review. It’s not very long at all – but it is a great children’s book – with magic, mishaps and all things kids love and it has a great moral to the story as well. It tackles the bullying issue with a great little fun story. I do recommend it, but there’s not much more than that I can say without telling you the whole story of the book.

Time to get back to a more normal length book now I think and to get a book in this challenge by Robert Rankin (yes, the grandfather of far-fetched fiction) – so my next read is Waiting For Godalming by Robert Rankin. I’m going to take a wild guess that most of you have never read a book by Rankin – so for a change, I thought I’d add the synopsis of the book:


God is dead. He died in mysterious circumstances while on a fishing trip to Norfolk, leaving a wife, three children and a great deal of valuable property.

According to God’s last will and testament, he left his beloved planet Earth to his youngest son, Colin. Which seems mightily suspicious as the meek were expecting to inherit it. Colin is all for flogging it off to the highest bidder, a chum of his called Lou Cipher. God’s wife is all for calling in a private eye, to expose the truth about her husband’s sudden death. And if you’re going to call in a private eye, then there’s only one man you can call. And that’s Lazlo Woodbine.

This could well be the great detective’s biggest challenge ever. And with Laz on the case you know you can expect a lot of gratuitous sex and violence, a trail of corpses leading down an alleyway, a good deal of toot being talked in bars and a really spectacular rooftop ending…

Hows everyone doing with their challenge? What book are you reading right now?

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