50 Book Challenge – Week 9

I’m late, I’m behind schedule, I’m not happy about it but I do have a good excuse: This. Week. Was. Rubbish.

And I’m not even sure at what point it started being rubbish but it did – what with misunderstands, raised voices, having nightmares and then – then I spend Friday holding Niveus – my Hamster – as she spent the day dying in my hands. You may have read about that yesterday however.
So I’ve been upset, crying, mourning and I’ve had to attend to other things.

So I’m still reading Waiting For Godalming by Robert Rankin, which is my 8th book when I should be starting my 9th today. But oh well, I’ll have to play catch up this week – or delve a little bit into my two weeks grace.

If you’re starting to struggle with your challenge a little – for whatever reason then check out my post on planning, advice and resources, it may help you.

If you want to keep track of how I’m doing with my reading this week then add me as a friend on goodreads.com and/or follow me on twitter – feel free to encourage me to read, because I might well need it this week!

And that’s basically it this week – I’ve not read much, so I’ve not much to tell about the book and I’m not sure when the review will come, but I hope that maybe if your struggling to get through your books that you’ll know it’s not just you, we all have our moments, days, weeks. Stick with it!

One last note – I spend ages looking for an appropriate picture/photo depicting one being behind schedule, sadness or just being damn overwhelmed.  But nothing seemed to fit, and then I found this and decided that because it wasn’t on topic (apart from the books part) it fit perfectly.

Source - weheartit.com

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