Say Hello To My Little Friend

After the sad passing of my Hamster Niveus, yesterday I decided it was time to get another one. Earlier this week it just felt a little to soon and too raw, but yesterday felt like the right time to get one.
So I made my way to the local pet shop to see if they had any Hamsters in and they did. Two broods in fact.
After seeing one cage only had two in, I decided I would buy from the other cage with three in (didn’t want to leave one alone – silly I know but I’d be sad). I’d already decided I wanted a male so asked the lady who runs the place to sex them for me. The first one she picked up was a boy and seemed very calm, considering his youth and lack of being handled so I picked him.

I came prepared with my small animal carrier with some bedding in – so he wouldn’t be chewing his way through a cardboard disposable small animal box on my way home (recommend you get one of these is you have a small animal or bird).

I know, you all just want to see photos so here they are:

He’s not actually white, but a sort of off-white very very VERY light tan colour.

He doesn’t have a name yet, I’m still working out his personality and things. However, I’m open to suggestions, so suggest a name in the comments below!

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