50 Book Challenge – Week 11

Reading with CatGuess what? I caught up! I’m back on schedule. That requires me (the writer) and you (the reader), yes you – to do a happy dance.

These past two weeks have been tough. I won’t go into every single detail but I’ve had to be there for the people I love as they have had relatives in hospital, my own aunt is also now in hospital and I’ve had two bouts of illness (just short lived day long things thankfully).
All this has meant I’ve fallen behind with my reading for this challenge.

I am determined to do this challenge, willing to put the effort in and push myself to read – but I also know there are more important things than this challenge in my life. It really has been a time that the challenge has taken a back seat. And I’ll gladly give up my reading time and the challenge if need be to be there for people and to make sure that I’m ok too.
But I also can’t say that I wasn’t scared of how behind I was getting – I woke up on Friday morning and I was roughly 40% through my 8th book, when I should have been close to finishing my tenth. I wondered how far I would fall behind before I changed my challenge total to fewer books or even quit the challenge all together.

After I snapped myself out of that train of thought – I focused on finishing my 8th book – Waiting For Godalming by Robert Rankin (already written a review on this, it will be posted this week). With a 3 day weekend (including today) ahead, I decided to fill it (mostly) with reading.
By early Friday evening I’d finished Book 8 but I needed to choose my next two books carefully – you may remember me saying that in such times, one might need to have a supply of shorter books. So that’s exactly what I did.

Book 9 I decided was Pinocchio by Carlo Collodi. I’ve loved the Disney film ever since I was a child, so I really wanted to read this. It’s nearly 200 pages but an easy read. I really quite expected it to be mostly like the Disney film with a bit more filler and detail but apart from a few scenes/events there really isn’t. There is so much more in the book. The book is so much more of  a fable type and it is also quite a bit darker – without giving too much away, I can totally see why Disney did it the way they did and I truly love both versions.
To my surprise I finished that yesterday afternoon.

So book 10 I wondered, what will book 10 be? My thoughts immediately went to a Roald Dahl book – The BFG in fact, but I have read that so many times but next to it on my bookshelf I found George’s Marvellous Medicine by Roald Dahl. Perfect! I haven’t read it since I was in primary school.
Not a long book, but well – I just love the list of things that goes into that medicine! Not that I would try it of course.
So I polished that one off last night.

Which brings me…. right. on. schedule. It’s week 11 and I’m starting my 11th book.

If you fall behind, do you crack under the pressure? Do you give up? Or give it all you’ve got?




5 thoughts on “50 Book Challenge – Week 11

  1. wow, keep it up! you must be really fighting through to be able to balance what you want to do with what is going on around you, what a ninja 🙂
    when I’m under pressure the first thing to go is what i need. i put everyone else first, but i am trying to change this 🙂
    i recommend some easy reads –
    one day, the help, the somnambulist, the twits, harry potter and the philosophers stone 🙂
    they are all AWSOME stories and are very easy to get through!
    keep going 🙂

    1. I’ve had to learn to put myself first sometimes – don’t get me wrong, I’m there if people need me always but you definitely have to look after yourself as well.

      One Day is on my to read list this year, as is The Twits (LOVED this as a child). The others I’m definitely going to look into thank you for the suggestions (and the encouragement!).

  2. Wow Ali good job! I already noticed you were on book no. 11 so I was curious to see how you did it. I am definitely going to try this challenge some time in the future. Hopefully after summer or after I finish my studies. It sounds like so much fun.

    1. It’s great fun, it’s really brought back to me how much I love reading and been taken to another world just with words and my own imagination.

      This catch up I had to push hard for I gotta say – I need some more shorter books! So make sure you have 10 or so shorter ones (200 pages of less) in case you get a bit behind as these help lots.

      I really do think you’ll love this challenge when you have time to do it.

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