50 Book Challenge – Week 12

Learnt my lesson after falling behind and this week, I made time to read. It hasn’t been a great week but much better than last week that’s for sure. Escaping into a book has just made the week a lot easier on me, it’s made me relax and enjoy the world I’m been drawn into by an author. I definitely need to make sure I make time for good books when a week is stressful, it helps. It helps a lot.

Fantasy World Map

I think this is why I enjoy fantasy so much, it’s a completely different world and takes you completely away from reality.

Did I stay on track this week? Yes, yes I did. I finished my 11th book – The Crowfield Curse by Pat Walsh on Friday night. Wasn’t sure what to expect of this book, as it comes under children’s/young adult genre – which isn’t always my cup of tea but this book really captivated me from the very beginning. Friday night, I was really tired but I just had to finish the book before I slept. It was 1am when I finished the book but I’m so glad I stayed up to read it.
I will be reviewing this book (also the others from last week, I just haven’t had time yet) and upon looking on Amazon,  I’ve noticed this book has a sequel – so I’ll definitely be purchasing that soon.

And now it’s the start of week 12, where if your doing the whole 50 books you should be starting your 12th book and I think I’m going to read Nathaniel Wolfe and the Bodysnatchers by Brian Keaney. It hasn’t got great reviews but I’m interested to see if it surpasses any of them.

I do update my goodreads account as I read, so if you want to follow/friend me there – please do. I also post my progress on my twitter account to you can follow me there too if you wish.

Hope you’re all doing well with your challenges!

What was the last book that really captivated you?

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