50 Book Challenge – Week 14


But I didn’t. Not this week. Not in this gloriously nice weather we’ve had in the UK.

I’ve been so restless this week – I had to go out in the sunshine – walk, shop, buy clothes, buy books, buy fish and cook it on an open fire. Be outside.
Sunshine and warm weather seems to put everyone in a better mood and I cannot tell you how much of a difference it makes to mine (even with depression) so I relished in it.

It’s not that I haven’t read at all – but I’ve just read very little and I’ve stupidly flicked between books so I’m really no-where at all in any of them.
I’m not sure what kind/genre of book I want to read that’s the trouble right now.
But now here we are, it’s Sunday once again and I should be starting my 14th book but I haven’t read a 13th book – or even settled on a 13th book for that matter.
Not to worry my diary is pretty clean this week so I should have time to read two books so actually falling behind does not worry me.  However I think I need to drag some discipline and organisation back into my challenge. Pick a book and stick to it this week.

Anyone else hit any “problems” yet or gotten behind? If so I’d definitely say the key is not to panic and organise yourself. If you need to push yourself a bit then do it! It’s well worth it when you get back on schedule. Don’t give up!

Now as for me. After writing another blog post or two for this week and checking friends blogs out – I’ll be pushing myself to get some reading done this evening.

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