Shoplog/Haul – Clothes, Nail Polish & Bubble Bath

I went shopping! Well… only a little but I thought I’d share anyway.


I love bubble bath at the moment – but I’m not going to be able to use it for much longer if we do indeed get a draught here because I’ll then be wanting to do my bit to conserve some water.

I picked up these two radox bubble baths/soaks. I’ve brought the stress relief one before and it smells really nice – plus it has eucalyptus in it which really helps when I’m all hayfever-ry.
I also got the muscle soak one which smells great and with the weather getting warmer I’ll be doing a lot more walking so this might come in handy after a good days walking!

Some days, I think I might need both of these lol. I don’t often buy Radox or other “big” brands as they can be expensive for what they are – but these were on offer at 89p each in Superdrug.

And actually does anyone know anywhere that does really nice bubble bath for quite cheap? I have been looking around but there doesn’t seem to be much available.

Nail Polish
Nail Polish

Yes I brought nail polish but these weren’t expensive at £1 each.

Left: Colour 07 by Saffron
Middle: Pop Pink by BYS
Right: Colour  53 by Saffron

I haven’t actually tried any of these yet but I will soon (oh to have the time to paint ones nails!).

I wanted to try one with different sized glitter in without paying a lot for it as I’m a little picky about my nail polish so I decided to pick this one up.

Loving bargains lately but cheap nail polish ranges seemed to be 99% horrible colours!


I had a very quick look around Primark the other day (actually looking for nail polish which Maaike said they might sell – they didn’t have any) and brought this. It looks like quite a short t-shirt but it isn’t once it’s on. Great for a lazy summer day.

Flowery Top
Flowery Top

And my favourite purchase has to be this flowery top – I normally avoid flowery patterns like the plague. I just do not like them at all. If I get something flowery, it has to be just right and this is. I love the colours and the cut. The back is really cute, you can see it here:

Back of Flowery Top
Back of Flowery Top

See? Very pretty. Best of all, this was only £6!

What was the last thing you brought for yourself?

Note: I did buy books as well lately (again) but there’s like 6 of them and it would make this post really long if I posted them as well, so I’ll do another post soon about those.

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