50 Book Challenge – Week 16

This post is two days late – eeeeeek, apologise I’ve had some personal things to deal with this past week so time to think has been rare never mind write a whole blog post.

Keep Calm and Read a Book

If you’re wondering – anyone doing 50 books this year should be on their 16th book by now which I have to say has got me thinking about the 25th book – the half way point, because that’s not too far now. I’m really excited to get to the half way point.

Anyway, I’m still on my 15th Book – The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins – I planned to finish it in a week, because as people told me, it’s a fairly quick (but not short), easy read but didn’t quite get there. I’m at 74% at the moment, so I should have it finished tonight I hope.
Lots of people on facebook and twitter have been asking how I’m liking it (The Hunger Games that is) – so without writing a whole review, I gotta say it’s pretty good. It was slow to start a little for me because after seeing the trailers for the movie, I knew what would happen in the reaping (This is the reason I did not go to see the movie before reading the book, if I knew what’s going to happen – it all gets very slow paced) – but after that it picked up on pace and action.
I can’t really say what point I’m at in the book without posting spoilers – but I’m curious about the ending of the book.
Although – I must say, I’m not convinced I want to see the movie because I don’t see this being pulled off on the screen very well. Opinions?

So depending on the ending of this book, will depend on whether I read the second one for my 16th book or read something else inbetween. I’m trying to pick my reading pace up a bit but I’m so freaking tired at night sometimes – last night I fell asleep reading!

Keep Reading!

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