NKOTBSB – Liverpool Echo Arena – 23rd April 2012

(Please note, this will be a LONG post)


If you didn’t know already… I’m a Backstreet Boys fan!

First off, yes they are still around – it’s you that hasn’t been paying attention.

This time they are touring with New Kids on the Block – who are a little older but also a boyband. I’m not a huge fan of New Kids, I like them, I like their songs but overall I’d rather see a whole 2 and half ours of Backstreet Boys really, but hey ho!

The excitement starts on Sunday (22nd) when I have to get ready – decide what to wear, do nails, pack, etc. I’ve already had so many dreams where I’ve forgotten something important – tickets for example, or my all important camera (as a photographer I would be so pissed and upset if I forgot my camera, not to mention the people who want my photos afterwards!).
Seriously how many times can one check that they have everything? Quite a few! Still I managed to get to bed as a respectable 10:30pm – unfortunately my sleep was rather disturbed by night terrors but by morning my adreneline is going anyway.

8:00am I get up, slap some make up on, get dressed in some comfy travelling clothes and then head out the door, taking a taxi to the train station to meet Gemma (my friend – coming to the show with me) at 9am. We decided to go early, even though check in for the hotel isn’t until 2pm we figure we’ll just see if they’ll either let us check in earlier or if they’ll hold our bags whilst we look around.
By 9:35am we’re on our first train and soon at the station we’ll change at where we grab Gemma a coffee before she kills someone, and head to the platform for our next train – which is a few minutes late but oh well.
On the train we’re finally waking up, sharing headphones, singing along to some BSB tunes and praying it’s not going to rain in Liverpool as the weather forecast suggested.

Arriving in Liverpool is always a blast from the past for me. It’s where I first met up with some of my NLY girls in person for a Backstreet Boys show, and I can’t help but want them with me because it’s really not just about the show… it’s about the company, and travelling all together is just so much fun and I’ll never forget how well they took care of me getting over my panic attacks. Yes I’m sentimental! Anyway, moving on!

We find out hotel with relative ease, I vaguely know Liverpool but not enough to direct myself somewhere since I always had Gosia for that. but I soon recognise things and we get to our hotel which is right on Albert Dock, it’s around 12 – lunctime by now but they have a room ready for us. So happy about that because by this time, we really needed to freshen up! We walk into our room to a big surprise… our hotel window has an awesome view of the Echo Arena!
We have a drink, and freshen up a bit before heading out to find some lunch and a cash point.

Echo Arena
Echo Arena from our hotel window at night.

As it turns out there’s a cash point not far from the hotel, but despite being a link machine, it charges – balls to that. So we decide we’ll get cash in town after lunch.
Our hotel gave us a voucher for the Blue bar and resturant which is also and Albert Dock, can you say expensive (for what the food is)? So we ventured further along to Revolution which is actually roughly the same price but on Mondays all food is half price, which brought it down to reasonable. We were both starving and soon wolfed down our cheeseburgers and pint of coke.
Unfortunately when we leave it’s started to rain a bit, but we still figure we can get some cash from in town and maybe do a little shopping – wrong! We reach town and end up sheltering in John Lewis because the rain is so bad and for the next 30-40 minutes it’s heavy rain, heavy hail, heavy rain, heavy hail. Argh! Once it had eased off a bit we managed to zigzag our way to a cash machine keeping close to buildings to avoid the rain.
No chance of shopping, so we brought two Krispy Kreme donuts each on the way back to the hotel and slumped in front of the TV for an hour or so, keeping an eye on the venue for any action.

Finally it’s time to get ready, blasting out BSB tunes and dancing around as we do so. And then to collect our tickets from the Box Office, ugh will call is annoying sometimes!

Inside we find out seats, and moan a little because they’ve shortened the stage meaning we’re not front row (on the “shaft” of the “penis stage”) but rather facing the front, but it’s not too bad, we have plenty of room to move out into the aisle to get photos – no heads to look over and plenty of room to dance.
Waiting is the worst part – but I like to be at the venue, in there, soaking up the atmosphere and eventually there’s a warm up act to ease the transition of time anyway. This day it was a band called A Friend in London (a Danish indie pop and rock band that represented Denmark in the Eurovision Song Contest 2011 in Düsseldorf, Germany) – they weren’t bad, but they weren’t that good either (which just about sums up being in Eurovision). Not a band I will be looking up to listen to.

But then…. then… the show begins!

I’m totally not going to run through all the songs here, because frankly this is a long post anyway, but if you wish to know the setlist you can find it here (please note they sometimes change up a few songs).

Can’t tell you how much I’ve missing those boys (BSB), I just cannot get enough of their live shows – it’s just a shame I missed seeing some of my tour buddies this time.
It’s an awesome show, and what I love about BSB (and NK) is that apart from the stage mechanics there are no props and they don’t need them to put on a damn good show.

There are two points in the show where both bands come into the the audience – first New Kids – which as it turns out (for both bands) we were sitting right where they come through. Joey came strolling through, sang his heart out on a temp. stage box – and really did very well considering a woman in her late 30’s refused to let go of his arm and even tried to pull him over the barrier (seriously the woman obviously needs help either that or she’s having a midlife crisis – get a grip! – on yourself, not Joey).
Joey was lovely, waving and shaking hands and so down to earth I wouldn’t be surprised if he turned and asked 20 people if they’d like a cup of tea.

And then BSB time! They come two from each end, so we got Nick and AJ coming through. Couldn’t see Nick for dust, I think the incident with Joey may have spread around camp quite quickly and he was soon on stage. AJ however took his time and I got to shake his hand as he went past (I haven’t washed it since! Not really, I have of course … maybe…), he’s always so sweet, gotta love AJ!
This was all a little surreal because there were literally security and arena safety holding back the crowd – I think it maybe us northeners, we’re loud and a bit more pushy haha.

During the show BSB also serenade four girls from the audience on stage and Brian had a small girl of about 10 years old, it was so supercute, I just kept taking photos of them two!

I cannot believe I was thinking of not seeing this show because I really do prefer BSB on their own but those New Kids guys can really sing!

I hate the end of the show, especially when I know I’m not going to anymore shows after it. We exited the arena, fans dispersed and I no longer go deaf after shows either.

Our hotel is only short walk away. We stop in the hotel bar to buy sandwiches and get snacks from the vending machine. We we’re going to order Pizza but we can’t be bothered.
In our room we’re busy eating, looking through our tour programs (£20!! They’re normally about £7. New Kids must be taking shit loads of profit!) and looking through all the photos I’ve taken.

And then, Gemma’s asleep in seconds and I’m still buzzing. I’m lying down, in bed, in the dark but my mind is still at the concert. I get to sleep about 2-3am.

And ugh, 8am wake up to get ready for breakfast but first! The boys are on TV, so we wait and wait and wait…. and then there they are, being asked about 4 questions, all of which we know the answers to anyway, pft so we disgrundledly head for breakfast before we check out and to the train station (via a few clothes shops!).

3 thoughts on “NKOTBSB – Liverpool Echo Arena – 23rd April 2012

  1. Ugh, I so wish I was in Europe right now… then again, I hope for their 20th Anniversary BSB will do some special shows with just them, no opening acts or shared headliners. I’d go to those shows in a heartbeat. 🙂

    Glad you had fun, hun!

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