50 Book Challenge – Week 19

Source: weheartit.com

I’m 2 books behind my schedule – let me just take a moment to scream. ARRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRGH!! I’m too exhausted to read at the moment, but I’m slowly catching up – I’m almost done with book 18 (should be on 19!)
Life is so damn tiring lately – I’ve heard some awful news  this past week and I’m sick with 0% energy, sit still for 10 minutes and I’m asleep, dreaming of shape shifting snails (that’s what too much fringe does to you!).

Usually here is where I give some advice on catching up if you fall behind, but I’d be repeating myself from last time I fell behind – so … er… help? Tips, advice, anyone?

Actually come to think of it, I do have a bit of advice – definitely make sure you have a supply of shorter books (100-200 pages) for such times, because I’m discovering that actually I don’t have that many shorter books. There goes following my own advice then! Thus, apart from books on my list that I really, really want – I’m aiming to get some shorter books!

Side note – Hopefully I’ll be better by Friday/Weekend, so I’ll catch up with blogging and reading then (another reading marathon just to catch up).

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