50 Book Challenge – Week 20

Books Are My Drug
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I realised this week that I’ve actually read more than I thought, I’d been panicking about being quite behind with my reading but really, I’m not that far behind at all.

I had been looking to my list on this here blog to see where I was up to, completely forgetting that the most up to date place for me is goodreads. Realising these two lists were out of sync I had to add the books I have read to the list on my blog – oops! This meant I was only actually one book behind, which I finished. Believe me, organisation is key to this challenge. You’re screwed if you don’t stay organised!
Currently I’m still on book 19 – Catching Fire, yes I know still but I’ve been reading other shorter books along side it whilst I’ve been ill – which are a.) much less gruelling when your ill and b.) give me a sense of achievement which in turn motivates me.

If you check out my list, you’ll see the latest books I’ve read but here’s a quick run down (reviews will follow). One day An Inspector Calls by J. B. Priestley caught my eye on my bookshelf, I read it in high school as part of my GCSE English Literature and just fancied re-reading it – re-live the mystery and see if anything “new” comes to light when reading it so many years later. It’s play but it reads well as some characters are very strong. I’m told it’s well worth seeing at the theatre but I’ve yet to do that.

I also decided to read two Beatrix Potter books, I’ve had the set since I was a child – which was brought for me after I always brought one home from the school library when I was 6 or 7 years old. I decided on The Tale of Mr. Jeremy Fisher and The Tale of Mr. Tod, Jeremy Fisher is one of the shorter stories, where as Mr. Tod is one of the longer ones. I do love these stories, however I won’t be reading many more during this challenge because well… they aren’t much of a challenge and if I read the whole set I would be polishing off 10+ books with ease. I want to keep this a challenge. There maybe one more making an appearance but probably not until later in the year.

Not 100% sure what book 20 will be at the moment, since I’m still finishing book 19. I think I’m leaning towards factual, humour or an autobiography. That sort of thing anyway.

Speaking of autobiographies – I don’t tend to buy/read many, only of people who really interest me, however – anyone got any recommendations of any good ones? Gotta give me a good reason to want to read it though! Leave a comment below if you have some suggestions.

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2 thoughts on “50 Book Challenge – Week 20

  1. YAY for being on track! You know what I just realized the other day? That I started book in Feb and I’m still stuck at chapter 2! I haven’t been able to read any proper books ever since uni became busy this time around last year. Ugh. Once I’ve finished my thesis next year I will take up this challenge to get back into the swing of things. I don’t see any reading happening any time soon with a new job starting and thesis work to be done. Good luck with the challenge hun.

    1. Awww, too bad you can’t start it this year but other things are obviously calling you. When you do start it however I can’t wait to read about it on your blog and see what books your reading.

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