Movie Review: The Avengers

The Avengers
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Thursday I went to see The Avengers – the first movie I’ve really wanted to watch this year and boy have I been waiting for this movie.

In this movie we find Loki (creepy as hell, but still nothing more than a brat) making a trade with an alien race called Chitauri. He finds the Tesseract (a powerful source of energy) for them and they will deliver an army to him, so that he can conquer and rule the earth.
S.H.E.I.L.D are currently in possession of the Tesseract where Nick Fury is director, skipping the details Loki enslaves a few key personal including Hawkeye.
Thus Fury reactivates “Avengers Initiative” and brings in some well loved Marvel character – Hawkeye (as mentioned above), Iron Man, Captain America, Hulk, Thor and Black Widow – to save the world from the impending doom.

The Avengers is all action from the beginning – no messing about, which is fantastic. Though people who aren’t familiar with the characters may want to see the proceeding movies on individual characters or read the comic books; the story does hold it’s own but there are references, conversations and details about characters you may need previous knowledge of in order to understand.
The special effects are pretty impressive, the Helicarrier was quite a spectacle. As were the fight scenes.

The main characters were cast perfectly, they have great chemistry – watch out for the comic relief. I was a bit worried about Mark Ruffalo as Bruce Banner/Hulk as he has a very gentle calm voice naturally but just accentuated the stark (get it? haha) difference between Bruce and his alter ego.

I only really found two discrepancies within the movie, one where (I forget which character said it now) it is stated that all the heroes are human/were born human. Not true – Thor is not human, he was human for what – 3 days? Still he was never originally human.
The other lies in the scene were Stark/Iron Man and Rogers/Captain America are doing some repairs …whilst under attack. I cannot fathom why Captain America has left his shield behind.

I watched this movie in 3D and as normal the “3D” did little to impress me. I have no idea where people get “jumping out of the screen” from, I just get more depth of field which may I add isn’t all that in most scenes anyway.

However The Avengers itself was excellent, definitely worth watching. I’d pay to see this again at the cinema and will definitely be purchasing it on DVD.

Trailer: The Avengers

I gotta ask, who is your favourite Avenger?

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