URGENT! Please Help Nowzad!

I have a very urgent and important request from you all. Please read this post and donate what you can, if you can’t donate please share and help get donations. It can’t stress how important it is.

Nowzad is an animal charity, an animal rescue. The only animal rescue in Afghanistan.

Mostly they rescue dogs, cats and donkeys who are mistreated and homeless. Living in war conditions is not easy for these animals.

These animals are then rehomed, sometimes in Afghanistan itself but since many people there cannot afford to keep a pet Nowzad connects families around the world with a pet – giving homes to these animals in the UK and United States.

Pen Farthing is the Royal Marine who set up Nowzad to help these poor animals.

But, they have run into a huge problem.

Through no fault of our own, we find ourselves homeless and have until July to fund and build a new shelter in Kabul. If we fail, Nowzad will close. The 90 dogs and cats currently in our care will become homeless and countless more will be sentenced to a life of despair on the unforgiving Afghan streets.

Please, can you donate and help. There are many animal rescues in the west – but this is the only one these animals have, the only fighting chance they have.

Here’s the appeal video:

Nowzad Dogs is a UK registered charity and is currently in the process of becoming a registered non-profit in the US.

Please visit: http://www.nowzad.com/ to find out more about the charity and about donating (ways to donate are near the bottom).

Donate UK: http://www.justgiving.com/NowzadDogsShelterAppeal

Donate US: http://nowzaddonations.chipin.com/nowzad-shelter-appeal

Please, please, please, PLEASE help these guys out. Donate. Share. Reblog. Help.

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