50 Book Challenge – Week 23

Week 23! I’m rather excited now – only 2 weeks to go until the half way point, which whilst it might not be the end of the challenge, I do think it’s quite an achievement but back to now…

Catching Fire
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Catching Fire (Hunger Games, Book 2) by Suzanne Collins has been the thorn in my side for weeks now. I’ve turned to other books instead of carrying on with this one, and been reluctant to carry on reading it. Not because the book is bad, but because – without spoiling things for those that haven’t read it – I reach the point where President Snow had made his decision.
In a way for me this was like the closing of one storyline and the beginning of a new one, and there was a little filler ahead of me before the plot was picked up again. So I fell into a lul with it.

This weekend I picked it up again, and I’m quite sorry that I let it sit there for weeks now. I’m not done with it, I’m at this moment 48% through the book (just after the reaping for the next games, for those who have read it) and I’m really enjoying it again.

Alas, this is only book 21 and today I should start book 23 so I’m behind… but I’m also not feeling well, so lots of comfort and reading today for me.

I don’t think I’ll finish this by the end of today – but I think I should be back on schedule next Sunday.

Also I’m back into posting status updates (what book I’m reading, how much of the book I’ve read, etc) on my twitter account if you wish to follow where I’m up to on a more regular basis.

Also, the navigation page for my 50 Book Challenge is all up to date, if you wish to see all my weekly posts so far, a list of all the books I’ve read and some tips and advice.

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