Nails: Summer Stars

This I actually wore a few weeks ago, but not had chance to post it.

Summer Stars Nails - Right Hand
Summer Stars Nails – Right Hand
Summer Stars Nails - Left Hand
Summer Stars Nails – Left Hand

I loved wearing this as it was really natural but also very pretty, and easily goes from day to night.

So I used…

Boots 17 Nail Xtras Strengthening Base Coat Nail Polish for a base coat. It’s a translucent pinky colour, which makes my nails look really healthy. Very tiny goldish flecks in it, which add to the healthy look too.

The glitter polish is from Urban Outfitters and it’s called Twinkie, this has the small silver/rainbow reflect glitter and the pink and blue stars. It was £6, which is quite a lot for me to spend on a nail varnish since normally you can buy the same shades for cheaper but this is a little different and I fell in love with it. You just need to shake it before you use it.

I just finished it off with a clear nail varnish, mines just a cheap brand – but it works really well, a little too well maybe cus  it takes a little scrubbing to remove the clear. But it’s needed to just smooth over the stars.

If you don’t want to buy this particular nail varnish you can buy the glitter stars from craft stores and ebay, in lots of different colours, just add them to your designs with some clear polish to make them stick and clear polish over them.


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