50 Book Challenge – Week 25

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Week 25, once we hit Saturday we’re at the half way point! And I finally finished Catching Fire, boy that took a while – I’m not abour 40% through book 22 – The Crowfield Demon by Pat Walsh, which is really good I’m burning through it so fast. I really enjoy the first book (The Crowfield Curse – Review) so I had to get this one and read it.

Yes that means I have to finish this one and another 3 before Sunday to be right on schedule for the half way point, but since I’ve not much planned this week I think I can do it (no-one let me download anymore games ok?).

I have also purchased a few more books this past weekend, so I’ll be doing a book haul this week and once I’m all caught up on my reading, I’ll get to writing reviews (but I’ll space out the publishing of them otherwise you’ll all be spammed with reviews!).

If your doing the challenge, whatever amount of books you decided to challenge yourself to – how are you doing?

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