50 Book Challenge – Week 26

The end of week 25. Since I’m going for a book a week(with two weeks to spare), this is the half way point. This is the point where I really wanted to be on schedule but I’m not.

My 25th book should be just about finished, but it’s not. I’m 40% though my 23rd book – God, No!: Signs You May Already Be an Atheist and Other Magical Tales by Penn Jillette, which by the way – I’m really enjoying. I’ve wanted this book since it was released!

Source – weheartit.com

The good news is that this book isn’t that long – 230-something pages and so it won’t take me too long to get through, but I really need to catch up.

I’m really quite annoyed with myself for not being on schedule, for lacking motivation and for just being… well a failure is a bit of an overstatement but I did fail my half way point goal. Which actually really sucks.

Now I’m certainly going to catch up this week, work hard to get back on schedule and I’m not giving up by any means. However it did get me to thinking the other day – at what point would I really give up? How far behind would I have to be to give up the challenge? Because having already read 22 books – starting again is a big task in itself. Of course I enjoyed the books – but they would count for nothing if I started all over again.

And giving up would be the real failure – not starting again would be a bigger failure. I’m not sure I can stand it – failing. Considering this is the biggest challenge (outside of my personal battles) that I’ve had in years – I don’t want to fail.

Back to basics for me – I have to make time to read, because that has just not being happening the past week or so. Partly because I’ve been ill from surgery and the after affects – but I’m 99% over all of it now, so back to head in the books!

And since this is half way for me – I’m thinking of having a book give away – when I’ve completed the challenge that is. What do you guys think? Would you be interested in a bookish give away? 

2 thoughts on “50 Book Challenge – Week 26

  1. You already said it hun: you’re only a failure when you quit. Even if you didn’t read 26 books in 26 weeks, you did manage to read 22 and a bit. That’s more than me! I haven’t finished a single book apart from Cosmopolis all year!

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