50 Book Challenge – Week 27

Week 27, should be starting book 27 and I’m on book 24. Yes still playing catch up but playing it rather well.

I am a few days late with this post however – sometimes you just have things to do in life which has both interrupted my reading and me writing blog posts as well.

But, I am managing to get more reading done and I’ll soon catch up – I think – I hope. I have some “easy reads” around so I may tackle a few of those. They just have a quicker flow to them, so going to check some of those out.

Currently I’m reading Cosmopolis by Don DeLillo, which was recommended to me by Maaike (you can read her review here). I’m currently just over half way through the book and I’m not overly impressed at the moment, though it does seem to be getting better. Anyone else read it?

Book Hangover
Source: weheartit.com

That’s it from me this week – not too much of interest this time, just reading, reading, reading – trying to catch up.

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