50 Book Challenge – Week 28

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And start of book 25, not 28. Will I ever catch up?! This is REALLY grating on me now. I’m annoyed with myself and annoyed with the universe for not allowing me time to read so much.

I have been super tired the past week – I’ve napped most afternoons and still slept through the night. This is a problem when you need to read for an hour or so every day.

So, back to basics – I have that calendar that I draw up at the beginning of the year out again and I need to make time to read some every day. Compared to how organised I was when I first started this challenge, I’m starting to slack – it’s a bit like starting a school year (but much more fun) when you start all your knew exercise books with really neat writing but by mid school year, you really can’t be bothered with that any more and just scribble your notes down as fast and as readable as possible.

So three 3 books this week. I’m throwing down the gauntlet. 3 books is my challenge to myself. Then I’ll be back on schedule and I can’t stop writing here every week that I’m behind (which really is getting rather boring yes?).
Thus far this week, I only have one outing planned – which is a meeting which I must attend. If my week does fill up a bit, I may settle for reading 2 books this week but only if I truly cannot manage 3.

What’s the most books you’ve ever read in a week?

7 thoughts on “50 Book Challenge – Week 28

      1. I can only do it when I nothing else going on. I read HP during a summer vacation and Twilight as well. And I will do nothing BUT reading. My average before becoming a student again was 1 – 2 a week depending on the length. I could do 2 books of 300 pages each. If it was longer say 700-800 words I would do 1.

        1. I have to be in the mood to read a lot in one week, I usually average 1-2 under 500 words – 800 words takes me about a week and half, depending on how good the book is.

  1. YOU CAN DO IT. You can totally read three books this week! Just read thrillers that keep the pages turning if you find yourself struggling. : )

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