2012 – Check Point

Back in January, I made a post about my wishes for this year, my resolutions and plans and with June well out of the way and 6 months of the year now gone, I thought it was about time I revisited this list and see how I’m doing and make any necessary adjustments.

One Day At A Time
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The first two things on my list were going to see NKOTBSB and the 50 Book Challenge. Check and …. half check. The 50 Book Challenge is still in progress but I’m still doing it, I’ve not quit so small victory.

Gigs, Concerts and Theatre shows – well this one is a no so far. Either a.) too expensive (especially when travelling is involved) or b.) there is just nothing of interest on… yet. But considering how many movies I want to see this year, perhaps this is a good thing. Movies may prevail this year. We’ll see, I’m hoping something comes along I want to see for well, not a ridiculous amount of money.

Visit an old library – not done so yet but I plan to, I’m just not sure which library yet. Any suggestions?

Have a holiday – holiday is booked, I’m just waiting to take it. Check!

And now for the more serious (boring) resolutions – really they just aren’t as fun are they?

Serious thought to a career – I can safely say I’ve thought about it, however I need more money in order to do any of it. I need to be able to drive and I can’t do so without more money coming in. Check.

Eat Better, Exercise, Lose Weight – I’m going to go with semi-check. I have wavered for a month or so on this – a lot when I had surgery but I am doing it. I know I said I’d blog about and I haven’t – but I will. I’ve already started with my healthy soup recipe but having never really dieted or had to put any effort into my body in my life before it’s a little difficult to get my thoughts about it gathered and orderly. The posts and updates are coming though.

Looking through this, I’m glad I set some realistic goals for myself – even if some are a bit of a challenge. Very glad I have been able to do some of them already. Here’s to doing them all by the end of the year!

How much have you achieved so far this year? 

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