50 Book Challenge – Week 29

Trinity Library, Dublin.
Trinity Library, Dublin.

I know I’m two days late with this post but I was out all day Sunday and didn’t have time to finish up this post.

My maths sucks. Last week I said I needed to read 3 books in order to catch up when in fact I needed to read 4 – but what they hey, I did realise half way through the week and decided, if I could manage 4, then I’ll do 4.

So I kicked off this week with The Restaurant at the End of the Universe by Douglas Adams (Book 25 in my challenge) and I got through it pretty quickly because I loved the story.

Then I hit a concentration problem part way through Words of Human Wisdom, Collected and Arranged by E.S. by Harry Parry Liddon (Book 26) – I love the book, this is my second reading of it in fact but I found myself reading but not taking the words in at all – but I finished it.
Upon looking for this on GoodReads, I found that this is actually a rare book – there is a reprint out now, but the 1873 version that I have is hard to come by – yay for eBay and people clearing out a dead relatives house (though of course it’s sad that their relative died).

Then I hit up something really short but fun – New Improved Limericks by Ernest Henry (Book 27), which is 87 pages of silliness in the form of Limericks.

This week is now week 29, and I really want to be back on schedule of a book a week so I can have my two weeks of grace back should I need them. So I need to read two books this week now and I’m all back up to date. Phew.

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