4 Days in Llandudno, Wales – Day 1 & 2

Check the holiday/vacation off my list of things to do this year right now.

Last week I spent 4 days in Llandudno (pronounced clan-din-no in Welsh), Wales. Llandudno is a Victorian (seaside/holiday) town in North Wales – there are hardly any new buildings so it really keeps it’s Victorian charm – including the pier, tram and traditional Punch and Judy show.
It’s not my first time in Llandudno, I’ve been many times as a child and adult so I know my way around really well whiched saved some time when finding the hotel and other places of interested.

Day 1

We (my friend Gemma and I – my friend Ant was supposed to come to but couldn’t at the last minute unfortunately) set out just after 9am on Monday morning – taking the 2 and a half out train journey to Llandudno which all went smoothly. Finding our hotel was easy and by 12-midday we were checked in. Our room was much better than expected from the hotel’s photos on their website, very clean with a really comfy king size bed. We freshened up and headed out.

By this time we were pretty hungry but didn’t feel like scouting around too much for food so we grabbed a cheeseburger from the pier and sat on the Promenade watching the ocean.
After that we strolled across the pier taking in the views for a while.

Llandudno Beach from the Pier
Llandudno Beach from the Pier

We were feeling a bit lost with one of our party not being able to make it – as he’d be missing out on whatever we did, so we decided to hit up one of the shops we were excited to look around – Peacocks (a clothing store) – as when Peacocks when into administration a few months ago – Edinburgh Woollen Mill brought the company – unfortunately they have closed the branches near us. We both really like Peacocks because the clothes fit so well, are good quality but not expensive.After trying a few things on we came out empty handed and rather disappointed.

So we looked around the discount book shops for a while before deciding on an early Tea/Dinner at a local pub which does great food for really cheap (2 meals for £6.45) – we ended up skipping pudding since they had completely ran out of desserts.

Day 2

Another early start – breakfast at the hotel at 8:30am which was really nice and a proper full English breakfast (Fruit Juice, Cereal, Full English and Toast) – which I haven’t had for a while now as I’ve mostly stayed in Travel Lodge, Holiday Inn, Premier Inn, etc in cities which just serve continental breakfast.
After breakfast we finished getting read and set off for the train station – taking photos of the wooden Alice in Wonderland Statues (the “real alice” –  Alice Liddell holidayed here as a child) as we went , taking the train from Llandudno to Conwy (a walled market town).

Us At The Train Station
At The Train Station. Gemma (Left) & Me (Right)

In Conwy we set off for Conwy Castle (built between 1283 and 1289) straight away – first we walked a remaining part of the city wall closest to the castle – which was a little un-nerving at times with the height and parts repaired with wood, which had rather wide gaps in but we made it and enjoyed the views.
We got on solid ground again right near the castle and didn’t waste any time buying out tickets. The castle has most of it’s upper floors missing but a few towers still have upper floors in them – the rest is pretty open to the elements. The castle is  huge and really fascinated us. The tower stairs we’re stone, spiralled and narrow, you didn’t know what was around the corner and the views from the top we’re really breath taking – I could really live there – well you know, if it had a roof and everything.

Conwy Castle - Great Hall from Above
Conwy Castle – Great Hall from Above
Conwy Castle - View From One Of The Towers
Conwy Castle – View From One Of The Towers

After visiting the castle (and climbing up and down many tower stairs) we were hungry so we set out to find some food and a well deserved sit down – we found a Deli doing a meal deal of a huge bap with either crisps or a drink of £2 or something like that, we grabbed a drink from a Spar across the road and headed for the river to eat and enjoy the view.

Behind us was the smallest out in Great Britain which was only £1 to enter, and believe me it’s small. Each room can fit maybe 3 – 4 people in standing – and there’s only two rooms – ground floor and bedroom (reached by ladder). Couldn’t believe that two people used to live there, I’d go mad with the lack of space – where would I put my books?!

Smallest House in Great Britain
Smallest House in Great Britain – the lady on the left is in traditional welsh dress.


By this time it was really sunny and hot so we also grabbed our very first ice cream of the trip – a two scoop tub (or “boat” if you will) – one scoop of Ferrero Rocher ice cream and one scoop of Cherry Liquorice – Good Lord that was good ice cream, we were making such satisfied sounds eating it on the way back to the train station.

Back in Llandudno we searched out the last two of the wooden statues and then spent an hour playing one of the two pence drop slot machines – specifically a Namco’s Pac Man Ball one which you can read about here because it’s two player. And then headed off in search of some chips for tea/dinner – we found a small chip shop claiming to be “probably be the best Fish and Chips in Llandudno” and there was a queue so we figured it must be worth a try. Food was priced out but hot sauces (like curry sauce) were £1 and sachets of Ketchup 30p, plus 10p for a plastic fork which we weren’t too impressed about but nevermind, we took out chips to the beach front and ate there, warning off any seagulls that may try to steal a chip or the whole box.

Mad Hatter
Mad Hatter Statue

After a little time in the arcade trying to win a cute teddy or two, racing rally cars (which actually move and tilt!) and whatnot we were exhausted to we headed back to the hotel for the night.

What the best historical place you’ve ever visited?

6 thoughts on “4 Days in Llandudno, Wales – Day 1 & 2

  1. Sounds like you had fun with the sightseeing! I love that you talked about the meals you ate, lol. no really, you know I love food… good thing I just ate or I would’ve gotten hungry reading this! 🙂

  2. Ooh sounds like a fun trip! My favorite historic place I’ve visited? Phew… Probably the ruin of a castle that I visited when on vacation with my parents in England. We had just gone to Stonehenge and found this sign saying castle turn right. So we did. We drove and drove, had to wait because a flock of sheep was blocking the road and once we got there it was only 1 pound to get in. Once inside, we found out it had been a movie set for Robin Hood Prince of Thieves with Kevin Costner. We still watch that movie only because we went to that castle.

    1. LOL welcome to the English countryside and farmers herding their animals down the roads! I love castles I really do – thankfully we have lots of them!

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