4 Days in Llandudno, Wales – Day 3 & 4

Read about day 1 & 2.

Day 3

After so much travelling and walking previously we decided to take it easy today – we skipped breakfast and slept in until 9:30am and whilst getting ready we decided it was time we did some shopping. Llandudno isn’t the shopping capital of the world by any means but it has a lot of independent shops with a few high street stores mixed it – which is great cus we can find what we need/want and have plenty of exploring to do as well.
I’ll post a haul of all I brought another day – but we both managed to buy some great stuff, as well as get some small gifts for people back home. I also managed to find something for my dad’s birthday next month.

For lunch we decided to go to Café Nero – after deciding the café across the street was too expensive.

After this pit stop for food – we walked along the pier and discovered a medium had set up shop in one of the small huts – since my friend Gemma is into that sort of the thing we strolled in to ask the lady (who was still unpacking!) how much it was for a Tarot reading. £15 – which according to Gemma is very reasonable so she settled in to have hers read as I sat quietly watching and listening.
I won’t go into any detail about what was said in her reading but something was said that the woman could not have known about – so I was intrigued and figured I may as well have at least one reading in my life so I opted to have my Tarot read too. Mine however was far too general and although she gave good advice, she didn’t tell me anything that she couldn’t say about anyone else (“You’ve been hurt by a guy” – hey, who hasn’t right?).
Having said that, I am glad I did it – for the experience, even if it was the first and only time I do it.

View Towards Happy Valley From The Pier
View Towards Happy Valley From The Pier

By now it was definitely time for more ice cream and the place to go for that is most definitely Happy Valley (a former quarry, was the gift of Lord Mostyn to the town in celebration of the Golden Jubilee of Queen Victoria in 1887. The area was landscaped and developed as gardens). They sell yummy ice cream and the gardens are gorgeous.

Today’s ice cream was 3 scoops – Ferrero Rocher, Toffee Fudge and Piña Colada. I swear I could live off the ice cream there.

After consuming all that ice cream we strolled around Happy Valley – where there are a few more Alice in Wonderland things (but these are permanent features) and fantastic landscaped Gardens. Sometimes there are wild rabbits bobbing around between the flowers but unfortunately we didn’t see any this time.

We took the coastal road back towards the pier and stopped to take some photos of the waves crashing against the rocks.

King and Queen Thrones at Happy Valley
King and Queen Thrones at Happy Valley
Crashing on the Rocks
Crashing on the Rocks

We spent the rest of the day in the arcade – we discovered Deal or No Deal which was fun to play together and one of the machines that gives out tickets so you can trade them in for a prize. After winning 1020 tickets we traded them in for a Me-To-You Bear blank paged journal/book each and a DrumStick Lolly each as well.
We found a local hotel/pub to eat tea/dinner at and enjoyed Fish and Chips and a cold Coke there for an hour or so, talking over our plans for the next day – since it would be our last day in Llandudno.

Day 4

Our last day – sadface. Since we could leave out luggage at the hotel until the afternoon we decided to hit the beach after breakfast – stopping to buy buckets on the way to build sand castles (because we’re just big kids like that heheh).
We also paddled into the sea for a while before grabbing some lunch – we weren’t sure what we wanted so we looked at several menu’s outside of places before deciding on a nice looking café where we ordered a 12″ pizza between us.

We can’t forget a final stop for ice cream now can we? So that’s where we headed after doing some last bits of shopping. This time it was Amaretto Cherry and Toffee Fudge. God, I miss that ice cream.

By now it was 2:45pm and we needed to head back to the hotel, grab out luggage and head to the station to make sure we got our 4:06pm train.

Tiredness hit us on the way home so after the 2.5 hour journey we were so ready to be home and sleep!

My Sand Fort
My Sand Fort

What’s your favourite thing to do at the beach? Do you have any vacations planned this year?

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