50 Book Challenge – Week 32

This one is just a day late because I was absolutely knackered yesterday – I think I maybe coming down with something but oh well on with the show…

Week 32! Should have finished reading my 31st book but I’m 2/3’s of the way through my 29th. So 3 books, plus finish this one I’m currently reading (Do Bats Have Bollocks?: and 101 more utterly stupid questions by Jon Butler) this week but I’ll be able to do that I think without much a problem. Nothing much is planned this week so have plenty of time to read.

Reading is for Awesome Peope My 50 Book Challenge page is now completely up-to-date if you want to check that out, see all the books I’ve read – see all the updates each week and find everything easily.

And now there’s a couple of other bookish things I want to tell you about – which do tie in with the 50 Book Challenge, I’ll tell you how as I mention them.

First of all, this weekend I was given a book from my mum called My Dad’s a Policeman by Cathy Glass, it’s pretty much a drama book about childhood neglect (not a true story though) so I’m not sure if I’ll like it or not but it will be my next read.
But what I really want to talk about is what I discovered in the back of this book – it’s part of a initiative to get people reading again – called Quick Reads. No prizes for guessing they’re purely short books, which is an excellent source if you’re struggling on your challenge. There’s a list of where you can find these books on their website – which is pretty much everywhere. There are a lot of big authors, publishers, etc on board with this project so take look.

Secondly – The Book Thieves is a Young Adult book/reader based website run by two of my lovely Dutch friends Gaby and Lotte – the website/blog is still under construction but will be coming soon. However the forum is very much alive and kicking, so please join. You don’t have to only be into YA – you don’t have to like YA at all to join, there’s a general book chat and other books sections where you can discuss other books – so all readers are welcome. It’s a great friendly, readers community. Great for encouragement on your challenge too! Definitely check it out.

Last but not least – add me on GoodReads! You can see how far I am into my current book, books I’ve read, ratings I’ve given books, etc – plus… I just became a Good Reads librarian, how cool is that?!

Happy Reading! See you all next week!

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