North Wales / Llandudno Haul

It’s taken me longer than I thought to get started on this blog post but here we go. A few weeks ago I went to North Wales for a few days away (you can read about here and here) and of course, shopping was on the agenda! So here’s what I brought!

Swarovski Crystal Heart Necklace
Swarovski Crystal Heart Necklace

I really love Swarovski Crystal necklaces for a more dressed up look – I have a bigger white heart that I brought in Anglesey a few years ago – this one is smaller but I love the colour – it’s a purple/pink colour which reflected an aqua colour. I got it from a hippy/wiccan type shop in Llandundo for £10.99 (yes really Swarovski Crystal pendants aren’t that expensive if you shop around!). The chain is quite thin so I might change it to a slightly thicker one (but not too thick because the delicate look is good).

Yankee Candles - Votive Samplers in Bahama Breeze
Yankee Candles – Votive Samplers in Bahama Breeze

Yes I burned them already! I couldn’t wait. (I’ll show you my candle holders in another haul I’m going to do about my favourite purchases).I brought these from the Yankee Candle shop in Llandudno. I’ve never brought Yankee Candles before – I usually just go in the store and smell everything then leave (does anyone else do that? lol) but I decided to try some. These were £1.69 (I think) each. Bahama Breeze is supposed to be a  “tropical blend of pineapple, grapefruit and mango” but it’s not as fruity as it sounds – it’s also a very fresh clean smell – which I like.

I must say, I’m impressed with Yankee Candle – they do actually smell when burning and the scent sticks around for hours or days afterwards. Will definitely get some more.

Wooden Beach Style Bracelets
Wooden Beach Style Bracelets

I love bracelets. I got these from Llandudno Pier. I pretty much always get some when I’m there. They’re not expensive £2 each at the most.

2True Eyeshadow Dazzlers
2True Eyeshadow Dazzlers in Shade 7 (Blue) and Shade 5 (Green)

Already have a pink/dusty rose colour from this range and I love it so I got two more. The blue has some silver glitter in it and the green has some hold glitter. They’re £1.99 each or 3 products from 2True for £4.99 so I got these two and a nail polish which you’ll see later on.


I forgot my sunglasses so I brought this pair from the Pier. 100% UVA  protection and only £2.99.

Rimmel Nail Polish
Rimmel Nail Polish (see below for names)

Okay, I confess I went a bit nail polish mad but most were on sale! Here’s the 5 Rimmel nail polishes I got. Two were on sale 2 for £4 and the others were on a 3 for £6 offer.

So numbers/colour names from L-R – 703 Pear Drop, 405 Rose Libertine, 704 Sweet as Sugar, 030 Double Decker Red and 500 Disco Ball.

There colours are actually brighter but the light just wasn’t my friend, so do look them up for a truer colour display.

Nail Polish from 17, Barry M and 2True
Nail Polish from 17, Barry M and 2True

Yes more nail polish! So here we have (from L-R): 17 Magnetized Nail Polish in Blue (which is purple/blue) , Barry M Nail Paint in 333 Black Multi Glitter (black with very small multi coloured glitter in) and 2True Glossy Wear Nail Polish in Shade 2 (it’s clear with a pink two tone (is that the right word?) effect. The glitter is tiny and a light silver).

Word of warning the 17 Magnetized Nail Polish doesn’t work very well – it’s a great colour but without the effect it dries quite matt. Barry M’s Magnetized range is much better.

DVD's - Brother Bear and Spexy Beast
DVD’s – Brother Bear and Spexy Beast

I’ve wanted to add Brother Bear to my Disney collection for a while so I got it whilst it was on sale. Alan Carr I saw live last year doing this show as a warm up – so I had to get the liver DVD. I’ve watched it already – nearly died laughing!

Beaded Rings
Beaded Rings

These are just too cute – 50p each from the Visitors Centre at Conwry.


Had to buy some new flats, the one’s I took with me weren’t padded enough for all the walking so I got these from Peacocks for £6.99.

Books (See Below for Titles and Authors)

Books. You didn’t think I actually wouldn’t buy any did you?

From L-R: Bad Girl’s Guide to the Open Road by Cameron Tuttle, The Man Who Broke into Auschwitz by Denis Avey and Rob Broomby and Wintercraft by Jenna Burtenshaw (which I’m reading right now!)

That’s it. That’s what I brought. What your favourite thing that I brought?

Also stay tuned this week for a quick nail polish look from some of these nail polishes I brought!

3 thoughts on “North Wales / Llandudno Haul

  1. I think your 2True polish might have a duo chrome glitter and it may even be holographic, but am not too sure about that. Nice purchases hun, I love the necklace. It looks pretty.

  2. Pretty impressive haul, but what impresses me most is the name Llandudno… we have a beach here in Cape Town, South Africa, called Llandudno (yes, my brain sticks to weird coincidences like that). The Man who broke into Auschwitz definitely sounds worth a read.

    1. Interesting. It’s a Welsh name, in Welsh it’s pronounced “Clan-did-no”.

      I’m really looking forward to reading it. I’m not a huge fan of wartime books but this one definitely looks worth reading!

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