50 Book Challenge – Week 34

I’m almost caught up… almost. Which I’m really pleased about because I was actually starting to worry a few books back that I really wouldn’t make it.

This marks the end of week 33, so I should have read 33 books – I’m 76% through 32nd book, which actually I should finish tonight. So this coming week, I just need to read 2 books and I’m fully caught up.


I finished off Wintercraft by Jenna Burtenshaw which I really enjoyed, it’s not too complex but it is a good story. So at some point I think I’ll be purchasing the second book in the series – Wintercraft: Blackwatch.

Then I chose to read Nightmare Academy – Charlie’s Monsters by Dean Lorey. It’s a young adult book, which is quite an easy read. As I said above I’m 76% though it and I’m really liking it. It’s not what I imagined from the title at all.

I’ve been powering through pages this week and it dawned on me why – I’m now reading Fantasy; my favourite genre.

Reading books that you enjoy – really really enjoy does help with speed and motivation. As of course does a good page turner.

I do love exploring other genres and different types of books, but I’ve really loved getting stuck into these two fantasy books this week and I think my next book might also be of the fantasy genre.

So if you’re struggling – go back to your roots, back to what you love – you’ll soon be plowing through those pages.

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