Book Review: The Dragon’s Eye (Dragonology Chronicles #1) by Dugald A. Steer

The Dragon’s Eye (Dragonology) by Dugald Steer is the first book in the Dragonology Chronicles and the first novel to come out of the Dragonology collection of books. Quite different to the original books with lots of things to pull out, look at and touch – this is a story, the story of Dragonologists themselves.

The Dragon's Eye (Dragonology) by Dugald Steer
The Dragon’s Eye (Dragonology) by Dugald Steer

Daniel and Beatrice meet at the train station – where they are supposed to go on to meet their parents, but Beatrice has bad news for Daniel – once again, their parents won’t be joining them for the summer and Beatrice has only a letter as compensation. The letter states that they will be staying with a friend of the family – Dr. Ernest Drake – who may or may not be at the station to meet them.
Disgruntled and feeling let down, the two set off with directions to Dr. Drakes address since he has failed to turn up.

Overnight they are thrown into a world of Dragons and soon are part of Dr. Drakes very small private school of Dragonology and inducted into a secret society. Here they learn that not only are Dragon’s real, but they are an endangered species and they must gain all the knowledge they can to protect them.
Little do they know they are about to be pulled into some very dangerous business – and it’s not only the danger of a fire breathing Dragon.

Dragonology is treated as a real science and is demonstrated beautifully in the setting of a school.
Information is given in large chunks rather than dripped throughout the book and although this didn’t ruin the story, it did sometimes feel like you were given information at the wrong point in the story or a scene was perhaps written just to force some information in there.

The children’s uncle – in my opinion – seems odd in time it takes him to be concerned for the children, one would think he would be in contact sooner rather than later.

However I did really enjoy the story – it’s really on the younger end of young adult, it’s not an overly complicated story. The history, information and character descriptions of the Dragons is really a high point for this book. Although adults and older readers may find it lacking in depth, I personally really liked the book overall.

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