50 Book Challenge – Week 36

Oops! This post is a few days late, but it’s been a busy weekend and few days – but I’ll talk more about that on tomorrows blog.

ReadingThe good news is that I’m on track! I finished up Havoc: There’s no Going Back by Chris Wooding on Sunday/Monday and I’m now on my 36th book – Room by Emma Donoghue which was recommended to me by Lotte (who has fallen behind blogging but you can find her on The Book Thieves forum – I’m there too of course). I’ve not read much of it yet (like I said, hecktic few days, but judging by the reviews it’s a good book.

I’m feeling so much better about reading now that I’m on track again, I feel less pressured to read and it’s more fun again/

More reviews are coming as well, as I’m really enjoying starting to write them again.

Since it’s also now September I’m starting to think more about the end of Challenge Give Away which I want to do. I want to give away books that you guys would like to read – so, I want you to leave a comment and tell me what your favourite genre is, or what type of book is your favourite. This way I can make sure they are books you guys will want to win. So if you think you’ll be entering the giveaway, now is you chance to have a say in what you possibly could win.

Happy Reading!

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