27th Birthday

A few days ago I turned 27. Not a big birthday but I ended up being really busy. Out for meals and a BBQ and what not.

But the biggest thing for me this year is my older sister was here for my birthday which was just awesome. For the last 3 or 4 years she’s been out of the country for my Birthday so I’ve been spending as much time as possible with her as this may not happen next year.

I was so blessed with so many birthday wishes and messages as well.

And of course… presents.

I haven’t really taken any pictures when been out for meals or anything but I have got my gifts to show you!

Dog Bag Charm/Key Ring and Phone Charm

These I got off my friend Kat, the phone charm I think I’ll be adding some more cord to and making it a bookmark because my phone doesn’t have the holes needed for it and I love the doggy of course!

DVDs: Dick Dastardly and Hong Kong Phooey
Book: Scottish Myths and Legends

These are also from Kat. She knows me well with the old cartoons! And I can’t wait to read that book… but maybe in the day, looks a bit spooky!

Recurve Bow and Arrows
Archery Book

I’ve been interested in Archery for a while and have done it a few times, but this is my first bow. My friend Ant got me these (as well as finger and arm guards). Hoping to try it out soon!

Storage Boxes

My mum brought me these. I know have two sets of these (I also brought myself a set) and my stuff is getting much more organised. She also brought me some underwear but yeah don’t really want to show that here! And she’s paying for me to have my hair cut soon.

Roses (Chocolates) and Book: The Alchemyst by Michael Scott

The Roses are from my brother, I do love sitting with a box of chocolates and watching something so will these won’t last long! The Alchemyst is from Maaike (thank you again!!!), which I’d not heard of until it arrived but it looks awesome. Can’t wait to read it.

DVDs: The Big Bang Theory Season 4, The Pixar Short Films Collection and The Rescuers

These I got from my Sister and Brother-in-Law. Big Bang Theory Season 4 – I’ve been meaning to get for a while and The Rescuers – adds to my Disney collection. As for the Pixar shorts… who doesn’t love those?!

And I also got money from my nan, but a photograph of money isn’t that exciting.

I’m so blessed. Here’s to a year filled with happiness, good friends and books.

3 thoughts on “27th Birthday

  1. Still glad you like the book. As I told you before, I stumbled across it while I was searching through my book case for something to read and thought: hey, that might be something Ali would enjoy and would help her challenge. Let me know when you start reading it! Since I haven’t read my copy yet, maybe we can do a simulteneous read?

    1. That sounds good. I’ll let you decide when we both read it, so you can choose a time that’s not so busy for you. Just give me about a weeks notice (so I can make sure I finish the book I may already be reading).

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