50 Book Challenge – Week 38

Forgive me, this update is late – I’ve been busy and not well and ugh just not been feeling like looking at my computer screen for too long, let alone writing anything.

Also has affected my reading but not so much that I won’t catch up thankfully.

I finished Room by Emma Donoghue, I loved it. So very grateful to Lotte for recommending that to me. I’ve reviewed it already, so check that out if you want to know my full thoughts on it.

I’m now reading Roverandom by J. R. R. Tolkien – one of Tolkien’s lesser known books – it’s a children’s book but with not overly simple language – about on par with Alice in Wonderland – that sort of children’s book if you catch my drift. I’ve read it before but it was a few years ago now so the story is no longer fresh in my mind. I’m not usually a big fan of Tolkien’s writing style (though I’m not denying his talent, it just takes me a while to read his books normally) but this is different and I really do like this book.

Autumn Reading
Autumn Reading

I must say, yesterday, was rather cold and it’s a sign that Autumn is definitely well on it’s way. For a short while, just to warm the room up a bit – we put our dining room fire on.
I have really loved reading in the sun this summer (well what little we had of summer that is) but having the fire on, really reminded me that on cold days it’s also so great to just snuggle up by the fire with a book.

Here’s to some Autumn Reading!

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