50 Book Challenge – Week 39 & 40

These past few weeks have been rather a rollercoaster, lots going on and damn the darker nights really throw me, does that happen to anyone else? So hence I sort of missed an update there.

Well I gotta tell you that for two weeks I’ve been reading the same damn book (which is book 38, if your wondering) – Why Don’t Penguins’ Feet Freeze?: And 114 Other Questions by New Scientist, that is New Scientist magazine (and now website obviously). I really have enjoyed the book (I finished it off today) but I gotta say, although fun in the questions it asks the answers are mostly very scientific – which I love, but it does make it more textbook like and so it took me longer to get through.
Page wise, not a long book but definitely need to be aware that I need more time to read more complex factual books.

There’s actually a few more of these books and I think I might pick them up – but I may not read another one of these during this challenge.

I have brought some more books though – alas I couldn’t actually reorder two of the books that didn’t arrive last time because they didn’t have them, but I will have a haul up sometime next week.

It is also now October and later this month, I’ll be doing a book reading with Maaike. I’m really looking forward to this, but I haven’t read a book at the same time (and with the same deadline) as someone else since college so it might be quite interesting. Not 100% sure how we’re going to follow each other progress yet, but we’ll soon work out the details.

Also I’ve been hanging out on goodreads.com a lot lately, getting more involved and things (add me!) and I stumbled across the stats page, as in my stats – obviously it says I’ve read 38 books this year so far right now but what I found more interesting was that it shows how many pages I’ve read this year too. Which is… 8120 pages. Which is a lot more than I thought.

Anyway, I should technically have read 40 books by this Sunday coming – but it’s going to be roughly 39 and half. I’ve a busy weekend ahead so I’ll be updating Monday/Tuesday. Back to Sunday updates after that though!

Have fun reading!

3 thoughts on “50 Book Challenge – Week 39 & 40

  1. Glad you’re back. I am reading the Hunger Games series right now. If you haven’t read it yet, do it. I think it will be right up your alley and it’s a breeze to read. Am still slated for starting the book with you on October 22nd!

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