50 Book Challenge – Week 41


Week 41 (beginning of!) and it just hit me that means there’s only 9 weeks left to go. Only 9 more books left to read.

I should have started book 41 on Sunday (the official beginning of the 41st week – but I was away, hence a little late on this one) but I’m still on book 40 – Wings by Aprilynne Pike, which promises to me “A new kind of faerie tale”. I’m 78% through it now though it will be be finished soon. It’s a little predictable thus far but I am enjoying reading it.

My last few books will be read over the Christmas (yes, it’s close!) period, so I’m now starting to think about what I might like them to be. Book 50 definitely feels like it should be marked by a special book – maybe one of my favourite authors or something like that.

And I haven’t forgotten about my Giveaway either! It’s coming together in my mind.

That’s pretty much all for this week I think – no interesting facts or anything I’m afraid.

See ya Sunday!


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