Mini Update – Lack Of Posts

I realise I haven’t been posted as much as I should lately, so first of all – here’s why: I’ve been really busy – my weeks have been full of shopping, applying for jobs, working on things for Christmas and through it all, I’ve been exhausted. Not to mention I’m like freaking stomach bug central this year.

However today, I have some time and I’m damn well having some me time (well after writing this of course).

I have actually been so busy/exhausted/ill that I’ve not even read anything for two weeks now – hence no weekly update, I really don’t have much to say – but there will be one next week – covering the weeks that I missed. I will be reading this week – even if I have to be drinking fizzy pop to keep me going!

Sat here writing this down – I’ve just realised that actually, I’ve just been doing a lot of boring stuff or things for other people. I’ve drown myself in applying for jobs and Christmas shopping – of which I’ve nearly finished mine.

I do love Christmas shopping, buying presents for people but I haven’t done anything for myself – or brought myself anything (apart from food) for weeks.

As for applying for jobs – apart from one job that I really want(ed), it’s just a complete slog. There hasn’t even been as many places taking on more staff for Christmas this year. I could scream in frustration with the whole situation.

So today is me time, I have candles lit, I’m in my PJs and I have a supply for chocolate. Bear with me whilst I claw back some of my sanity and myself.

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